Contemplating a custom MEMS device?

Sustainable competitive advantage through custom MEMS devices

When you need a custom MEMS device for your system, you can rely on our experts. Their expertise is to really understand your requirements, to show feasibility and proof of concept, develop the product and required process in a gated manner and reproduce reliably & controlled. For medical applications we are certified to work under ISO 13485.

Are you contemplating the use of MEMS devices in your system in order to create a sustainable competitive advantage? When your current solution just don’t seem to do the trick, a custom MEMS might be worthwhile investigating. How feasible would a custom MEMS be for you?

Download MEMS Foundry services leaflet (pdf)

What set us apart

  • Flexibility in materials and in working together
  • Our responsiveness to change requests
  • Our ability to provide creative out-of-the-box solutions for the “seemingly impossible” a capability developed from working with Philips Research for 40 years.

Supporting innovation end-to-end, we can help improve your time-to-market by a multitude of back-end & integration services. From testing and bumping, wire bonding, chip stacks to micro assemblies, but also electronics, software, optics, reliability testing etc..

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Let's explore what a custom MEMS can do for you

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