Machine safety consultancy

Workable equipment & shop floor safety: risk inventory & implementation in a practical way.

Your benefit

With over 30 years of experience in several mechanization departments we not only provide knowledge on safety regulations, we also provide you with the state of the art solutions. In our project approach we have strong attention for the operators’ behavior. In this way we respect the operators drive for maximum production output.

  • Direct access to state of the art solutions for machine safety.
  • Optimization of man-machine interaction; limiting unsafe acts.
  • Upfront knowledge on developments in global legislation and standardization due to active participation in standardization platforms; Machinery Directive, Low Voltage Directive, IEC60204-1 – Electrical Safety of Machinery, ISO13849 -Safety related parts of control systems, ISO13850 – Emergency stop, ISO14119 – Interlocking devices, ISO11161 – Integrated manufacturing systems, ISO10218 – Safety requirements for industrial robots and many more.
  • Customized approach for your company; training and coaching.
  • Our approach has a proven track record in reduction of incidents.

Philips & machine safety

In the history of Philips a lot of equipment is developed to produce the Philips products, varying from high speed lamp making machines to high tech wafer scanners.  Philips always played a leading role in setting the standards and design rules to ensure safety for their employees.

Our approach Machine safety consultancy

We deliver solutions that strike the right balance between worker safety and process optimization

  • Machine safety assessment and improvement projects
    – Are your machines safe to use?
    – Does (the use of) your machines meet the requirements of the Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC and the Directive 2009/104/EC – use of work equipment?
  • Consultancy on CE marking
    – We support companies that want to demonstrate their products’ compliance with the requirements of applicable CE marking directives
  • Machine safety training; design for safety
  • Electrical safety training; NEN3140
  • Incident investigation from a ‘no blame’ perspective while providing sustainable solutions

Our approach

We implement a step-by-step approach towards “Workable Safety” with a strong focus on sustainable safety solutions.

  • During a first visit we perform a quick scan on machine safety to get an impression of the actual situation and culture.
  • Your employees will be intensively involved and during a machine safety workshop they learn to identify machine related hazards and increase awareness on signaling risks.
  • Solutions are worked out and the first improvements are implemented. In several sub-sequential visits the improvements are reviewed and the effect on safety, quality and production is evaluated.
  • Our approach does not stop with the delivery of a report, we build a lasting relation.

Benefit of this approach is being able to set priorities and initiating continues improvement.

What our partners value 

“Marc van Deursen played a significant role in our machine safety improvement by providing practical training, professional risk assessment, and most importantly, workable solutions.”

Jason Zhu  
Facility & EHS manager

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