Centers of Expertise


With products becoming part of solutions with long-term performance-based revenue models, product quality and reliability – more than ever – drives customer satisfaction, brand image, profitability and competitiveness.

Centers of Expertise (CoEs) and their corresponding Communities of Practice (CoP) aim to advance and leverage Philips company-wide technical expertise. They act as a hub (CoE) and network (CoP) of recognized technical specialists, providing easy access to world-class technical expertise, training, methods, and tools.

Driving the quality of Philips competencies, will via work quality and product quality result in more satisfied customers. Therefore, Philips Innovation Services is asked to take the lead in two CoE and one CoP.

Professionals need experts to grow their skills

Economic reality may force you to keep certain technical competence teams at a (sub) critical level. Immaturity to the task at hand is then a real threat. Team members have no one to challenge their designs, to challenge their logic, knowledge and skills. Especially if you require world-class competencies, who will judge designs to be just that?

From our technical problem-solving experience, we often see poor design choices as a result sub-critical technical competencies at the heart of problems.

Customer quotes Philips Innovation ServicesLike with grass, skills cannot
be grown by pulling at it.

How would a CoE/CoP help to grow competencies?

Your engineers will get the expert support they need: they will become more competent, confident, and courageous to deliver high-quality products.
  • CoE/CoPs are a widely recognized way of building, securing and disseminating world-class technical knowledge & skills
  • A CoE/CoP establishes a critical mass around competencies, connecting practitioners, masters and experts, giving a platform for professional exchange
  • Through the CoE/CoPs best practices can be captured and shared


Getting products out first time right will free your resources for new innovations.

CoE engineer

More about the Technical CoE/CoPs


Systems Engineering CoE


Connectivity CoE

  • Cross-functional approach to development and realization of high-quality products
  • Define customer needs and required functionality early in the development cycle, documenting requirements, design synthesis and system validation, with a cross-functional view

Systems Engineering CoE (Philips only)

  • Sharing, driving of best practices on PCBA value chain optimization
  • Deployment and management of Philips harmonized PCBA-design platform (E-CAD design rules, industry standards, tooling)
  • Governance of Philips-wide component management and tooling (C-PLM)

PCBA CoE (Philips only)

  • Pro-active innovation and thought leadership on: BLE, Wi-Fi and cellular
  • Map & leverage existing technical solutions and address gaps
  • Drive platform building (improved TtM, cost, quality, security)
  • Liaise with CDP2, HSDP, CAO, PSSO

Connectivity CoE (Philips only)

Technical Centers of Expertise?

  • Competence quality

  • Work quality

  • Product quality

  • Satisfied customers

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