Healthcare technology generates better health outcomes, improved patient and staff experiences, and lower costs of care. As a pioneer in health tech, we offer deep engineering expertise and solutions that enable you to build next-generation products.

Develop innovative health technologies

Modern health technology entails a wide range of advanced products and systems. As a focused leader in the industry, we have years of experience and fully understand your challenges and needs. Besides, we take it one step further by not only providing smart solutions, but also continuously looking at innovation possibilities.

Challenges in creating health technology systems

Creating technology for the medical industry can be challenging, as project plannings are stretching and regulations are often non-negotiable. We can help you with the full spectrum of manufacturing and maintaining health technologies: from shaping your value proposition and creating prototypes, to arranging connectivity and managing the lifecycle of your product.

The role of digital technology & connectivity in healthcare

Digital technology in healthcare makes practices more effective at lower costs. As your partner, we can provide you with the necessary knowledge and expertise for the creation of breakthrough medical devices, among those connected combination products, connected medical wearables and medical robots. Let’s work together and deliver value where it matters most.

End-to-end engineering solutions to help you develop your next generation medical device​

Connected combination products

Smart, safe solutions for medication delivery and adherence, customized to your needs. Need know-how and expertise to develop and optimize your connected combination products?

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Healthcare | Connected combination products

Connected medical wearables

Next-generation devices that enable users to be in control of their own health and improve it. Develop renewing and innovative digital health technologies?

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Medical robots

High-performance robotics in healthcare, minimizing human error and increasing efficiency. Want to build the next innovative product and enhance healthcare?

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Healthcare | medical robots

We consider people’s entire health journey

Healthcare | health continuum

At Philips, we see healthcare as a connected whole. Helping people to live healthily and prevent disease. Giving clinicians the tools they need to make a precision diagnosis and deliver personalized treatment. Aiding the patient’s recovery at home in the community. All supported by a seamless flow of data.

Where we make innovation work

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