Connected combination products

With connected combination products, medication gets delivered to patients while enabling beneficial effects such as monitoring adherence. Smart sensors and actuators enable improvements on both the medical treatment as well as on the patient experience. Making these combination devices smart and connected ensures an increase in the smooth running and effectiveness of medical, pharmaceutical and healthcare treatments. Discover the possibilities and benefit from our knowledge and expertise.

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Industry solutions for medical combination products

Connected medical combination products allow healthcare workers to focus on multiple important aspects at once. Overall, combination products improve health outcomes, while lowering costs of care.

Connectivity in combination medical devices

Developing smart, medical devices can be challenging. Bringing connectivity to a combination product needs stringent requirements for data security, privacy, and regulatory compliance. Combination medical devices also require solid interoperability with autonomous systems to ensure the right dosage for the patient and prevent the loss of valuable data.

Combination products as advanced medical devices

Let us help design and optimize your connected combination products. Based on your needs, our digital engineering experts can either co-create with you from scratch, or provide specific technical expertise along the way. Needless to say, we reduce technical, financial and security risks, while taking all medical device regulations (MDR) into account. Together we build an end-to-end medical device combination product that is sustainable and innovative.

Connected combination products | What we offer you

What we offer you

  • Prototyping

  • Support in regulatory and compliance strategies

  • Portfolio management

  • End-to-end (connected) product development

  • Lifecycle management

  • Cloud integration and services (HealthSuite Digital Platform)

In the spotlight

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There may be new hope on the horizon for lung patients with difficult to treat conditions, like fibrotic diseases and severe asthma, thanks to Dutch start-up Gilbert Technologies.

Together with Philips Engineering Solutions, the company is working to turn their proprietary soft mist technology into a first-of-a-kind medical inhaler device, which has the potential to improve treatment effectiveness for patients and reduce medical costs.

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The process of medical product development

Whether you are new in venturing and eager to take your idea to the next stage, or already have experience and want to accelerate your project: during the medical device development process, the right and custom-made support is key. During all of the different medical device development phases. So you can fully focus on building the first product, start sales, and scale the business. The faster, the better.

At Philips Engineering Solutions we have the experts and experience in designing, developing, and delivering innovations:

E2E | Design, develop, deliver your innovation

End-to-end engineering solutions to help you develop your next generation medical device​

Medical robots

High-performance robotics in healthcare, minimizing human error and increasing efficiency. Want to build the next innovative product and enhance healthcare?

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Connected medical wearables

Next-generation devices that enable users to be in control of their own health and improve it. Develop renewing and innovative digital health technologies?

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Reach out to get your smart, connected combination products developed

How can we help? Philips Engineering Solutions is your R&D and engineering partner in bringing your innovations to the market. Please let us know how our engineers and technical consultants can help you with your healthcare, high-tech or semiconductor innovation challenges. Looking for something else? Please see the links below:
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Peter van den Bekerom | Business Development Manager at Philips Engineering Solutions
Peter van den Bekerom
Business Development Manager
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