Wi-Fi Module Reference Design

When you develop a connected product for the first time, you face many new challenges:

  • How to connect to the Philips HealthSuite Digital Platform (HSDP)?
  • How to integrate the relevant platform components with your product?
  • How to adhere to safety, security, and privacy requirements?
  • And how to do all this in a cost-effective way without slowing down time to market or sacrificing quality?

This is why we have developed the Wi-Fi module reference design: making fast and easy integration of connectivity in your product possible.

The Wi-Fi module reference design is not only hardware, it comes with:

  • Matching software that contains the embedded components from the HealthSuite Digital Platform (HSDP)
  • Technical product documentation (TPD) for design transfer to manufacturer
  • Factory tooling that allows for automated, secure production of modules for your particular product

How the Wi-Fi module design gets you to market faster

It is our aim to integrate the Wi-Fi chip, the HSDP Philips cloud, and your product. The end-product is a not a simple Wi-Fi module, it is a connectivity node, ready for assembly in your product. It is not ‘just’ a bit of hardware as you can get from any supplier, it is a specific, customized connectivity node with your own specific firmware. Suitable for a secure connection to the back end, and with everything ready for assembly into your product. This saves you a lot of your own development time. The connectivity node comes with all documentation needed for market approval.

Technical blueprint for easy integration

Philips Engineering Solutions enables you to easily make your product connected with the Wi-Fi module reference design. This technical blueprint allows you to integrate your product with the:

  • Philips HealthSuite Digital Platform (HSDP)
  • Software platform and firmware
  • Wi-Fi chip

Benefit directly from our experience with this developed, approbated, documented and extensively tested design.

Developed, approbated, documented and tested

With the Wi-Fi module reference design, complicated hardware design challenges like small pitch, antenna design, form factor are solved and firmware handling, security and testing are addressed:

  • The Wi-Fi module reference design is FCC, ETSI, SRRC and Wi-Fi Alliance certified
  • It is compliant with general safety, regulatory and security standards
  • It is backward compatible with previous Philips modules and upgradable for future extensions

Get the full Wi-Fi module reference design specifications

  1. Component information
  2. Applications
  3. Interfaces
  4. Antennas
  5. Operation, storage, and transport conditions
  6. Architectural choices and constraints
  7. General, safety, legal & security standards
  8. Specifications
  9. RF characteristics
  10. Reliability
  11. Reflow profile

Request the Wi-Fi module reference design datasheet here:

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Development kit

Use the Wi-Fi module reference design development kit to setup a working prototype of your connected product.

With the Wi-Fi module reference design you can quickly setup a functional test environment and start to integrate the recommended Wi-Fi chip with the software platform and firmware, the HSDP Philips cloud and your product.

The development kit contains:

  1. Wi-Fi module
  2. Evaluation board
  3. TDI board
  4. USB cable type A to mini
  5. Jumpers
  6. Link to connectivity toolkit (firmware)

Test it yourself with the development kit
Choose between these two options:


Development kit including the Wi-Fi module and evaluation board to start connecting your product.

Discover the Wi-Fi module reference design in a self-guided way with the hardware development kit.

Do-it-yourself  Development kit including the Wi-Fi module and evaluation board to start connecting your product. Discover the Wi-Fi module reference design in a self-guided way with the hardware development kit. Request for do-it-yourself development kit


Hardware and software integration; team-up with our connectivity experts to make your product connected.

Team-up with our connectivity experts and create a connected product prototype the hackathon way.


Connecting your medical device to the cloud

The stringent requirements for data security, privacy and regulatory compliance, make applying IoT to medical devices a challenging task. It requires a combined expertise in the cloud, IoT security, regulatory and connectivity technologies. We offer end-to-end connectivity solutions and cloud services, which reduce technical, financial and security risks to bring connectivity to your products in the fastest way possible.

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