Systems Engineering and Architecture Definition

Our approach to Systems Engineering and Architecture Definition is highly structured. It embeds reliability and predictability into any design, while allowing you to insert maximum creativity where you need it to create your competitive edge.

With your roadmap in mind, we define a flexible modular architecture that facilitates maximum re-use of independently testable modules within platforms and systems. A clear flow-down of critical-to-quality requirements is built in – from module definitions through to interface definitions leading into verification plans. This ensures that modifications and upgrades can later easily be made without requiring significant overall redesign and testing.

For you, this simplifies and speeds up the design processes, enables faster and easier customization, minimizes parts diversity, and makes lifetime maintenance much easier. Our Systems Engineering and Architecture Definition approach can be applied in both new-design trajectories and portfolio/product optimization. In both cases, it has an outstanding ‘first-time-right’ track record, with few-to-no surprises during validation.

How we deliver Systems Engineering and Architecture Definition

  • Our experienced architects and technical experts have significant hands-on customer experience and outstanding track records. They know the pitfalls of unnecessary complexity and how to remove it from projects.
  • An extensive competence toolbox will be applied to enable reuse of experience in similar applications to your benefit.
  • Our senior architects will start by (jointly with your experts) clearly defining the Critical to Quality requirements and then move on with decomposing your system in optimal modules. They apply tools like error budgeting and rigorous requirements and interface management to define the optimal verification and validation strategy.
  • Post-project knowledge and documentation (DHF, DMR) transfer puts complete control and troubleshooting abilities into your hands.
  • Within Philips, we champion this way of working through the Systems Engineering Center of Expertise.
  • Project execution often takes places in collaboration with your professionals. Sometimes our architects will be embedded in your team – but we can also work independently for you.

Key area of expertise

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Our Systems Engineering and Architecture Definition service applies state-of-the-art tools and best practices:

  • Design for Excellence (DfX)
  • Customer Objectives, Application, Functional, Conceptual, Realization (CAFCR)
  • Requirements engineering & management
  • V-model
  • Tech assessments
  • Technical budgeting ›
  • Modular design
  • Interface definition & management

Systems Engineering & Architecture Definition examples

Successful delivery of key wafer scanner subsystem designs from requirements definition to pilot series delivery.

Improving machine performance to serve the future market needs. An example of the development of a precision motion stage with a scanning accuracy of few nanometer.

Get up-to-date on maglev stages with inverted planar motor technology. Mechatronics experts share knowledge about free-floating movers on a rotary stage.

A semiconductor OEM needed to make a significant step forward in machine performance without drastically changing their machine architecture.

Inverted planar motor with a thin moving sheet. Special to this design is that the moving part consists of a checkerboard of magnets hovering over a base consisting of multiple coils.

What our partners value

“This is an unbelievably smart group of people”

Evan Bunner
Advanced Product Engineer
Maxion Wheels

“ASML, Philips Research and Philips Engineering Solutions are jointly working on the fabrication of ultrathin EUV pellicle membranes, for which the requirements continuously approach and push barriers on manufacturability, process ability, handling and measurement techniques to new frontiers. The highly dedicated efforts and close cooperation’s of these teams are a good example of successful innovation.”

Dr. Silvester Houweling
Senior Specialist Contamination Control

Do you need a partner to take on part of your system development as an integral project, who can handle all aspects from concept, design up to turn-key realization, delivery and verification, based on your requirements or functional specification?

Check out our high-precision engineering services.


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