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Do you have a specific problem that needs solving or an improvement you want to implement but you lack some expertise? The High-Tech Engineering Competencies service offers an extremely broad pool of advanced expertise and facilities that can immediately be put to work for your company as needed.

Our engineering consultants are capable of tackling challenges in almost all advanced engineering fields, and at every stage in equipment lifecycles. You can embed the competence know-how you need into your own internal teams – if needed on-site.

All of our highly skilled engineering specialists have a strong theoretical background as well as extensive hands-on practical experience. They also work in close, collaborative synergy with their colleagues in other advanced engineering disciplines. This gives them the ability to quickly – and correctly – pinpoint the true causes and drivers of high precision challenges and address them effectively.

Key area of expertise

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High-Tech Engineering Competencies


High Tech Engineering Competencies AcousticsVibro-acoustics&low noise design. Low noise product design. design and build passive and adaptive acoustic systems removing or minimizing unwanted vibro-acoustically induced vibrations.

Acoustics Engineering Competencies:

  • Vibro-acoustic design
  • Low noise product (re)design
  • Vibro-acoustics in healthcare
  • Simulation and analysis
    – Generic noise prediction tools (EQUIP+)
    – Analytical modeling (ANSYS / SYSNOISE
  • Measurements
    – Reverberant room
    – Anechoic room
    – Scanning laser vibrometry
    – Acoustic holography

High Tech Engineering Competencies ControlOne stop shop for control & optimization algorithms, providing a fast indication of the performance of basic and/or elaborate control solutions or optimization schemes.

Control is about design, integrate & test cost-effective control and control related solutions.

Control Engineering Competencies:

  • Thermal control

Additional Control Engineering Competencies:

  • Motion control of systems (loop shaping, fixed structure, auto-tuning)
  • Model-based (process) optimization algorithms
  • (First principle) modeling
Dynamics & Vibration

High Tech Engineering Competencies Dynamics & Vibration

Dynamics stands for dynamic system modeling and analysis to predict system performance in the design phase and to understand and measure system performance in or after the realization phase.

Dynamics Engineering Competencies:

  • Dynamic architectures
  • Vibration isolation
  • Dynamic modeling
  • Drop and shock robustness
  • Dynamics measurements

Additional Dynamics Engineering Competencies:

  • Dynamics of system concepts
  • Simulation of dynamic behavior
  • Experimental dynamics
  • Product dynamics
Electromagnetics & Actuation

High Tech Engineering Competencies Electromagnetics & ActuationDesign & development of magnetic systems and electromagnetic energy conversion for high precision, healthcare, and consumer lifestyle applications.

Drive system architecture, motor and drive system choice based on off-the-shelf components and system performance requirements. Actuators based on other principles than electromagnetics e.g. piezo-electric materials are included in this competency.

Electromagnetics Engineering Competencies:

  • Magnetic systems
  • Actuators for precision technology
  • Motors and generators for (mass) products
  • Drive and power electronics
  • Simulation and analysis of magnetic systems
  • FEM analysis with Vector Fields software (Opera)
  • Magnetic characteristics of permanent magnets
  • Wireless Energy
  • Dynamical behavior of electrical drives
Measurement & Smart Sensing Technology

High Tech Engineering Competencies Measurement & Smart Sensing TechnologySensing & measurement. Cost effective sensor systems based on smart algorithms to maximize performance and utility.

Sensing & measuring principles: magnetic based, resistance based, capacity based, induction based, optical, interferometry, vision.

Sensing Technology Competencies:

  • Architecture, modeling and calibration of metrology systems: sensor selection & placement, modeling, calibration strategies
  • Sensing principles and cost-effective solutions: new technologies and trends, redundancy, self-diagnosis
  • Measurement principles and techniques: statistical techniques, sensor fusion, geometric principles
  • Application knowledge: in-body/on-body, in-home/in-hospital, equipment (high precision)
Mechanical Design

High Tech Engineering Competencies Mechanical DesignMechanical Design & FEM calculations. From concept to qualification, helps in finalizing designs without creating prototypes.

FEM modeling: a high-level knowledge source of FE modeling and relevant theoretical FE background. Experience and knowledge to have the ability to do sanity checks and hand calculations in order to work fast and effective.

FEM Modeling Competencies:

  • Software: usage and knowledge of FE and FE relevant software tools. ANSYS workbench and APDL (classic), ABAQUS, Hyperworks (hypermesh/-view, Simlab, Optistruct solver, RADIOSS solver)
  • Geometric modeling: CAD cleanup and simplification. Pre and post-processing software: Design Modeller, SpaceClaim, Hypermesh, SimLab
Motion Control Software Engineering

High Tech Engineering Competencies Motion Control Software EngineeringLow error rates, high bandwidth & optimal design regarding precision, costs, interface requirements.

Motion control hardware stands for the electrical architecture, design, and realization of mechatronic systems using safe and reliable solutions which comply to world-wide regulatory requirements.

Motion control software stands for the design, implementation and integration of motion control software for mechatronic systems.

Motion Control Software Engineering Competencies

  • Electrical machine and product architecture
  • Equipment and motion control architecture
  • Energy storage and scavenging
  • Sensor chain optimization
  • Regulations & hazard analysis
  • Calibration
  • Soft motion platform
  • Setpoint generation
Systems Engineering

High Tech Engineering Competencies Systems EngineeringSystem architecture equipment design. Short Time to Market by first time right development approach.

The competence of setting up architectures of equipment enabling high precision processes like imaging, inspection, structuring or measurement of high accuracy structures.

Systems Engineering competencies:

  • Setting-up of specifications
  • Setting up of architectures
  • Conceptual design
  • Design and realization of ultra-clean/high-precision systems
  • System assembly and integration
Thermal & Flow

High Tech Engineering Competencies Thermal & FlowThermal management & fluid dynamics. Multiple-analysis approach resulting in full insight regarding thermal & flow performance and effects of the system considered.

  • Recognition and prediction of thermal(-elastic) and flow effects (CFD)
  • Coupling thereof with the system performance/ lifetime
  • From an early stage of system design and/or in the development phase

Thermal and Flow Engineering competencies:

  • Thermal & fluidic principles
  • Multi-physics modeling
  • Thermal & fluidic architecture
  • Experimental characterization, verification & validation

High Tech Engineering Competencies TribologyThe study of friction, wear and lubrication. Lifetime, friction & wear, wear factor, lubrication (dry & grease/oil), tribo-corrosion, bio tribology, vacuum tribology, tribology treatments & coatings.

Tribology Engineering Competencies:

  • Bearing technology
  • Bio tribology
  • Lubrication modeling
  • Lifetime performance and reliability

Tribology Engineering Services:

  • Material & coating selection
  • Design for durability
  • Lifetime prediction & testing
  • Friction & wear testing
  • Bearing selection & design
  • Air bearing performance
  • Training & consultancy

Examples of High-Tech Engineering Competencies

Dynamic vibration measurements provide information of possible sources of malfunction. This can help on solving stringent issues and achieving excellence in product design.

For positioning systems, advanced setpoint design methods can effectively reduce end-effector vibrations. This is beneficial for safety and drive-train design requirements.

Tribological characterization providing design rules with respect to material selection. Developing a pin-on-plate testing campaign by mimicking the operation conditions.

Recent developments at Philips Innovation Services help overcome the shortcomings historically associated with reluctance actuators.

What our partners value

“Philips Engineering Solutions has a broad and in-depth knowledge of System Dynamics, based on many years of experience. Our project got a speedboost because we could tap into this vast knowledge-base early on, via consultancy.”

Dr. ir. René Klaver
Senior System Architect
IBS Precision Engineering

“Philips Engineering Solutions offers specialized expertise that is vital to some of our key initiatives. They collaborate uniquely well because of their insightful yet efficient methods of problem definition, their transparent project management, and their analytical clarity.”

John Landrum
Vice President Innovation
Intralox, LLC

“Electronics is such a broad field, there’s no way a single person can be an expert in every area, so we were pleased to find Philips Engineering Solutions had the exact expertise we were looking for.”

Paul Schepers
Senior Hardware Engineer and Engineering team leader

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