Medical robots

Medical robots are revolutionizing the practice of healthcare. Especially in surgical settings, they perform tasks with high precision and accuracy. As the areas of application are expanding, the demand is too. Let us help you develop medical robotics to optimize healthcare.

The role of medical robots in boosting access to care

Medical robots are remotely controlled by surgeons and help to make procedures more efficient, simple and secure. Typical robot-assisted practices include biopsies, the removal of cancerous tumors, repairing heart valves and gastric bypasses. But the future holds more possibilities.

Types of robots in healthcare

There are different types of robots for healthcare. Are you interested in developing solutions for surgeries? Our experts can help you develop surgical robots that are customized to your needs. Likewise, you have the option to manufacture laboratory robots for research aims. No matter what your requirements are, we’ll make sure your devices are compatible with the applicable medical regulations.

Innovative health robotics for the modern world

Health robotics enable professionals to take healthcare to the next level. Hospital robots, for example, can minimize human error and make procedures more efficient. Our digital engineering experts can support you during every stage of the development process; whether you need help from scratch or just need a second pair of eyes to check on your plans.

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What we offer you

  • Prototyping

  • Support in regulatory and compliance strategies

  • IoT, connectivity and data management solutions

  • End-to-end product development

  • Design for manufacturing and industrialization

The process of medical product development

Whether you are new in venturing and eager to take your idea to the next stage, or already have experience and want to accelerate your project: during the medical device development process, the right and custom-made support is key. During all of the different medical device development phases. So you can fully focus on building the first product, start sales, and scale the business. The faster, the better.

At Philips Engineering Solutions we have the experts and experience in designing, developing, and delivering innovations:

E2E | Design, develop, deliver your innovation

End-to-end engineering solutions to help you develop your next generation medical device​

Connected combination products

Smart, safe solutions for medication delivery and adherence, customized to your needs. Need know-how and expertise to develop and optimize your connected combination products?

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Healthcare | Connected combination products

Connected medical wearables

Next-generation devices that enable users to be in control of their own health and improve it. Develop renewing and innovative digital health technologies?

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