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Safety Data Sheet creation, validation and maintenance and much more…

Are you searching for a comprehensive Safety Data Sheet (SDS) and expertise in the transport of hazardous goods? Then the Hazard Communication (HazCom) team of Philips Engineering Solutions is the right partner for you – from the first data gathering and evaluation to a fully compliant safety document.

Our team of experts offers over 25 years of experience in authoring, validating and maintaining fully compliant safety documents for chemicals and dangerous goods. In addition to our expertise, we offer the online IT solution Fasim 2.2 which enables the extraction of self-selected chemical data, facilitating the management of your inbound and outbound chemicals- and dangerous goods inventory as well as hosting your entire safety document inventory. These safety documents include SDS and EU extended SDS (eSDS) for use in the downstream communication chain, and/or your company’s own internal Safety Document (iSD) and/or Workplace Instruction Cards (WIC). Let us know what you need.

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More than 20 years of experience with transport & trade of chemicals and dangerous goods for multinationals
with transport & trade of chemicals and dangerous goods for multinationals
Online managed SDS database containing 31.000 quality sheets
manage the SDS of your inbound and outbound chemicals
Onsite consulting services & 24/7 emergency support, ensure that your transports run smoothly
& 24/7 emergency support, ensure that your transports run smoothly
Fully compliant SDS with special transport & export information downloaded and printed to your labels
we ensure that your SDS is compliant, up-to-date and verified

Our services

Creation and pro-active maintenance of fully GHS and EU REACH compliant Safety Data Sheets, extended Safety Data Sheets (eSDS), and hazard labels

Automatic translation of your SDS, iSD, WIC, and GHS hazard labels into 38 languages through our online and worldwide IT solution Fasim 2.2.

  • Instant access to all your safety documents and hazard labels – 24/7
  • Your own dedicated customer environment: easy to create and maintain registers of chemical products
  • Create data overviews in MS Excel to facilitate reporting


  • Helpdesk for all your safety documents, hazard labels and Fasim 2.2 related questions
  • 24/7 emergency support
  • Consultancy on chemical laws and regulations (EU REACH, ADR, IATA, IMDG, GHS/CLP, C&L- and poison center notification)
How can we do this? Because we have:
  • > 25 years of experience, combining an expertise power of more than 85 years
  • High quality of our output due to strict quality procedures
  • Knowledge on global regulations
  • Guaranteed up-to-date expertise of our consultants through constant training, workshops and attendance of high-class conferences
Svenja Rupp

Your benefit 

Customers and carriers rightfully expect compliant Safety Data Sheets as a standard document from business partners when handling chemicals, finished article containing chemicals, lithium batteries and lamps.

Through our services, you save time and simultaneously increase the quality of your chemicals management, because:

  • Our reliable SDS facilitate the safety communication with your clients
  • Our different types of safety documents guarantee an advanced level of safety communication up- and downstream your communication chain – internal as external
  • Our advanced IT solution Fasim 2.2 will save you time in complying with legislation on the use and transport of chemicals
  • Our consultants give you hands-on practical advice and guidance on the transportation and safe use of your chemicals and products.

Fasim 2.2: An online and worldwide IT solution

Fasim 2.2 is our in-house developed IT solution for SDS management of inbound and outbound chemicals. Functionalities include:

  • Storage of your original supplier SDS, iSD, WIC, GHS hazard label and generation of a validated product data,
  • Quick access to your safety documents via your own dedicated customer environment
  • All safety documents are instantly available in 38 languages at no additional cost
  • User friendly interface with advanced search functions
  • Creation of multiple user groups/sites with different access rights
  • Creation of data overviews in MS Excel to facilitate reporting Regular newsletters
  • Compatible with smart phones and tablets

Looking for SDS expertise?

Nowadays nearly 70% of all Safety Data Sheets are expected to fail compliancy with local and global regulations. Even though a growing number of countries worldwide have or are on the verge to adopt the Global Harmonized System (GHS) for the classification and labeling of chemicals, many businesses struggle and get lost in the maze of the GHS building block system, specific concentration limits, OELs, country specific regulatory information required in section 15 of an SDS etc… just to name a few.
Non-compliancy can lead to unnecessary risks of exposure and health hazards to your workers and/or delayed or even blocked shipments; causing trouble for you and/or your customer. We can help you avoid these problems from the start.

We help you answer questions like:

  • How to manage the supplier SDS of your inbound chemicals
  • How to use the information on your supplier SDS for risk assessment, reporting and educational purposes
  • How to prevent your shipments from being delayed or even blocked
  • Which of your products actually need an SDS?


  • Does your current SDS comply with the latest regulations?
  • How do you deal with non-compliant supplier SDS?
  • What are your obligations as manufacturer, supplier or distributer?
  • What are REACH extended SDS and SUMIs?

Meet the team

With over 25 years of experience with transport & trade of chemicals and hazardous goods for multinationals, we author and maintain your safety documents via Fasim 2.2 and a full set of additional services.

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