Operational excellence

Operational excellence is about identifying which actions in your business operations really contribute to what customers pay for. These are your real ‘value-add’ activities. Everything else needs to be streamlined to maximize profitability and shareholder value.

Being excellent in operations and being lean means everyone in your organization constantly looks for ways to rationalize all aspects of operations. It includes things like manufacturing for quality and just-in-time inventory management. But it also covers the responsiveness of your entire operations, achieving organizational and operational excellence, improving the quality of your products and / or services and enhancing overall customer satisfaction.

Philips Engineering Solutions can work with you to ensure your operations are more cost-effective, controlled and lean. That could be through identifying the value-add per activity or developing a seamless, integrated flow way of working. We look at the whole value stream, we help you identify opportunities to eliminate waste and inefficiencies throughout your entire operations, and we could be looking at cultural change. We accompany your teams as they learn to think and act in new ways, taking you from today’s value stream to a future, improved one. All with the aim of strengthening your business, so you can better compete in any economic conditions.

What our partners value

“The Industry consulting experts from Philips Engineering Solutions delivered significant value for our business. They took a tight timeline, with limited opportunity to prepare, and delivered an effective workshop ensuring broad team engagement.”

Kevin Tahmoush
VP Strategy & Business Development
Philips Professional Services

“I am very happy with the proactivity of the consultant, the tools used and the pull for follow up.”

Peter Goritschnig
Product Management Global CFLi
Philips - Business Consumer Lamps

“Without Industry Consulting it would not have happened.”

Frank van de Scheur
Division Head, MEMS & Micro Devices, Innovation Services

“The Philips Engineering Solutions consultant who worked with us, quickly familiarized herself with the business opportunity at hand and worked effectively with multiple stakeholders across our organization to deliver the desired outcomes.”

Luc Lenaerts
Senior Director Sustainability
Philips Healthcare

“The consultant took me and the team from merely knowing about Design for Six Sigma (DfSS) to actually implementing it in a project. I loved the ‘hands-on, working with the team’ approach. This brings real value to the team and project. As a result of putting the Voice of the Customer first, we teamed up with our marketing colleagues and organized a joint R&D/Marketing workshop. This helped us demystify customer needs before we began discussing specs.”

Simon Kuppens
System Architect
LED Platform, Philips Lighting

“An urgent assignment to implement progress reporting of projects, based on certain KPIs, was kick started. Philips Engineering Solutions supported consistently with persistence and timely support, even at odd hours, to make it happen.”

Peter van der Heide
Global Business Process Owner Innovation to Market

Boosting your company’s agility, flexibility and innovativeness by Industry 4.0

The future is smart! Manufacturing supply chains are confronted with ever more demanding customers, disruptive innovation and increased competitive pressure. Leveraging Industry 4.0 can help your company to outsmart others, but you need to pick your battles!

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We support your strive for business excellence and growth. We develop and optimize your innovation & operational processes. In all this, customer orientation, quality and speed are our focus.

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The Industrial Assessment tool offers a 360-performance scorecard to identify and rank the best production improvement opportunities for achieving business goals.

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Start preparing for tomorrow today and transform your plant to a smart factory. This process easily takes 5 to 10 years, pave the way with an industry 4.0 roadmap.

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