Connected medical wearables

Connected medical wearables detect, analyze and transmit data from the human body, aimed at giving users insights into their own health. Such digital healthcare technologies offer a variety of features that improve the treatment of their patients. Discover the possibilities and benefit from our knowledge and expertise.

Digital health innovation

Connected medical wearables help users to gain insights into their health; from sleeping habits and physical activity, to blood pressure or oxygen saturation levels. Besides monitoring, health tech and digital products, like connected medical wearables, can add value for preventive care. No matter what your needs are, we can help develop durable devices that optimize your current practices.

Develop digital health ecosystem solutions

While creating and maintaining digital health solutions, such as connected medical wearables, there are multiple challenges to consider. On the one hand, devices need to be designed as compact as possible. On the other hand, you must also secure an optimized data flow between the different technologies. We can help maintain the ideal balance between design and connectivity in your digital health ecosystem.

Next-generation health digitalization technologies

Digitalization is key for the advancement of modern medicine. The various features allow us to keep track of our own health and improve it. Our digital engineering experts can not only help with design, technical and connectivity challenges, but also keep medical regulations (like EU, MDR and FDA) in mind. Together, we can create end-to-end, next-generation health digitalization technologies.

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What we offer you

  • Prototyping

  • Support in regulatory and compliance strategies

  • IoT, connectivity and data management solutions

  • End-to-end product development

  • Design for manufacturing and industrialization

The process of medical product development

Whether you are new in venturing and eager to take your idea to the next stage, or already have experience and want to accelerate your project: during the medical device development process, the right and custom-made support is key. During all of the different medical device development phases. So you can fully focus on building the first product, start sales, and scale the business. The faster, the better.

At Philips Engineering Solutions we have the experts and experience in designing, developing, and delivering innovations:

E2E | Design, develop, deliver your innovation


Monitoring patients at home; from idea to design and manufacturing

Remote patient monitoring is increasingly applied within hospital settings. What if healthcare professionals could expand this into their home. Patients could be discharged earlier; care could be expanded with decreased cost and health professionals would have more time to focus their efforts where needed.

Healthdot is turning that idea into reality. This wearable biosensor is used to monitor a patient’s heart rate, respiratory rate, posture, and activity. The single-use device is placed on the body at the hospital, and it transmits vital signs every 5 minutes to a clinical information system.

Healthdot | Monitoring patients at home

How we helped with product development and industrialization:

  • System Architecture
  • Mechanics
  • Electronics/PCBA
  • Antenna design & RF
  • (5G) Cellular integration
  • Embedded software design (including connectivity with Philips cloud platform)
  • Verification and validation
  • Supply chain set-up
  • Industrialization and manufacturing in the Micro Devices facility

“Thanks to the Healthdot sensor, certain patients cannot only be monitored at the hospital, but also at home, which means that they can be discharged earlier after surgery, with confidence,” says Michael Heesemans, Venture Lead Healthdot at Philips. “We strongly believed that it should be as easy as possible to use. Patients do not even need a Bluetooth hub or mobile phone. It ensures that the sensor is easy to use and that the transmitted data are reliable. Engineering Solutions made this concept work, by supporting us end-to-end, from design to manufacturing.”

End-to-end engineering solutions to help you develop your next generation medical device​

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