Manufacturing Quality Control

We can implement control processes in your organization to help you implement stable manufacturing processes.

Your benefit

Prevent unexpected costs by improving the stability and robustness of your manufacturing processes.

We deliver

  • Implementation of product & process control methodologies such as SPC, electronic design verification (DfM/DfA) and integral manufacturing test strategies
  • Support in component life cycle management and in technology assessments at suppliers

Our approach

Early stage involvement in the development process to avoid unexpected costs such as end-of-life scenarios.


  • Manufacturing Q control management
  • Manufacturing test strategy (DfT)
  • PCB design verification (DfM/DfA)
  • Component Life Cycle Management
  • PCB supplier assessment
  • PCBA process technology assessment
  • Materials consultancy (DfMA)
  • Contamination control

What our partners value

“On behalf of my whole development team I’d like to thank your innovation team for its support. A supposedly insolvable CE problem was solved in only half a day thanks to your superb CE-lab facilities and expertise.”

Frank Bakker
Managing Director
Contonics Engineering B.V.

“Co-creating a new measurement technique was useful. Once we got it up and running, it helped us steer the Research program. It is good to have such extensive analytical facilities so close by!”

Dr. Freek Suijver
Department Head
Lifestyle Applications Philips Research China

“Thank you for the clear report and the DVDs with data sets. This gives a good basis to start working on our spectrum management database and to learn how to verify and release wireless devices in our medical environments. I liked working with you and the team very much and I am very pleased with the results and the way the project was able to stay on track with planning.”

Rob Kleihorst
System Designer

“We immediately spoke to the right person at Philips Engineering Solutions in the Netherlands. They were kind enough to show us around. We found that they had dedicated an entire building to the testing facility we needed from them. They optimized the design and performed simulations. In our field, groundbreaking innovations mostly come from small companies. It is nice to notice facilities are taking that into account.”

Sebastian Schostek
Business Unit Director

“Philips Engineering Solutions offers the full range of test and analysis facilities that Solland needs for its R&D work on solar cells and solar modules. Solland can benefit from many years of experience in the respective characterization techniques without the need for own investment in expensive characterization equipment. We are very satisfied with the responsiveness and the quality of the delivered results.”

Dr. Martin Fleuster
Director Research & Development
Solland Solar Cells B.V.

“The analysis carried out by the Philips EMC center on our 3G product has been extremely valuable to optimize the system solution, minimizing components and ensuring expected performance target.”

Bruno Bocaert
IC Design & DSP R&D Manager
3G Entry Business Unit, ST Ericsson

As an innovation team, you are responsible for meeting the ever-increasing market needs by delivering innovations faster. But how can you cut your time-to-market without compromising compliance? How do you drive down the cost of non-quality (CoNQ) end-to-end?

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