Strategic architectures & Business ecosystems

Strategic architectures

We help you translate your innovation roadmap into sound product architectures and platforms that form the basis of your current and future product ranges; these include experience-, technology-, organization- and business architectures.

This comprehensive process covers: capturing requirements, system integration and verification, commonality, re-use, modularity, keeping strategic options open and much more. The resulting architectures enable you to develop high quality, customer friendly, next generation products faster and at lower cost.

We deliver hands-on support for internal and external customers on strategic architecture challenges, covering systems and solution architectural designs as well as effectiveness of innovation processes and improvement of organizational capabilities.


Business ecosystems

In our increasingly interconnected world, companies need to leverage the competencies of an entire business network in order to achieve competitive advantage and sustain performance. Healthcare industry seems to be perfect for disruption by ecosystems.

We support you in understanding of the value flow, defining how to capture value, and creating an ecosystem architecture roadmap with four main perspectives.

The four main perspectives are: Experience, Business, Organization and Technology. We apply iterative approach starting with Minimal Viable Ecosystem and moving towards scaling up and securing its long-term viability.


Typical projects

  • Strategic Reference Architecture creation
  • (Horizontal) Platform creation
  • Data & Information architecture
  • Business Eco-systems creation
  • Integral Value Proposition creation
  • Architecture Innovation Process development
  • Architecture training development & deployment
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Dennis van de Meulenhof | Strategic architectures & Business ecosystems

Dennis van de Meulenhof

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Dennis van de Meulenhof | Strategic architectures & Business ecosystems

Dennis van de Meulenhof
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