Fast Feasibility Studies

In technology-based companies, brilliant ideas are never in short supply. The hard part is knowing for certain which ones will work: too often, problems occur late in the development process resulting in significant rework. Our Fast Feasibility Studies service prevents this from happening. It provides objective and accurate pre-development evaluation of high-precision equipment concepts.

In our assessments we define a case-based approach and apply our world-class expertise in predictive modeling and (if relevant) Our multidisciplinary approach and extensive practical experience make us fully aware of the broad range of phenomena that drive performance. In this way we can reduce development risks in an early phase.

If needed we can quickly build a proof-of-principle setup in our in-house workshop and validate assumptions using our own measurement equipment and infrastructure.

Fast Feasibility Studies are common for semiconductor, capital equipment, advanced printing and medical high-precision systems. They quickly deliver value in any system that has challenging specifications and accuracy requirements. A Fast Feasibility Study removes guesswork, guarantees performance level, and helps ensure first-time-right results in creating your optimal solution.

How we deliver Fast Feasibility Studies:

  • Key performance drivers and critical-to-quality aspects
  • Machine concept feasibility checks and rankings
  • Quantify performance by predictive modeling of the system and relevant disturbances
  • Prototypes, mock-ups, and proof-of-principle setups
  • Modules/subsystems/parts assessments (note: best results achieved when the entire system is considered in its application ecosystem)
  • Machine improvements proposals

Examples of Fast Feasibility Studies

A fast feasibility study with a diverge-then-converge approach. Creating opportunities to strenghten your business proposition with unique IP-generation possibilities.

Accelerate innovation in transport equipment: from rough idea to working prototype. A step-by-step approach.

A semiconductor OEM needed to make a significant step forward in machine performance without drastically changing their machine architecture.

Online self-calibration of a multi-probe system leading to an error profile that is virtually free of integration errors, allowing for on-the-fly in-line calibration.

What our partners value

“Philips Engineering Solutions offers specialized expertise that is vital to some of our key initiatives. They collaborate uniquely well because of their insightful yet efficient methods of problem definition, their transparent project management, and their analytical clarity.”

John Landrum
Vice President For Innovation
Intralox, LLC

“The joint team of Aquaver and Philips Engineering Solutions had a completely open view onto the possibilities of membrane distillation and stressed the units to its limits again and again. The result was that we jointly have been able to create vast improvements in performance and reliability over the last year.”

Wolfgang Heinzl
Memsys inventor
Memsys GmbH

“This is an unbelievably smart group of people”

Evan Bunner
Advanced Product Engineer
Maxion Wheels

Do you need a partner to take on part of your system development as an integral project, who can handle all aspects from concept, design up to turn-key realization, delivery and verification, based on your requirements or functional specification?

Check out our high-precision engineering services.


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