Development productivity

Your benefit

Bring new products to market faster, at lower cost and with better quality.

We help you deliver

  • Operational excellence embedded in your innovation organization, by effectively implementing methodologies like ‘Lean Development’ and Design for Six Sigma
  • Radically reduce product cost and increase value using our holistic Design for Excellence approach
  • Efficient, integrated product development processes
  • Shortened Time to Market enabling you to capture market share and get exciting new products to market faster
  • Predictable and stable development processes, delivering on a fixed cadence to the market
  • Open Innovation strategies, adapting your innovation processes, building the necessary resources, and embedding an Open mindset in your people
  • An inspiring product development environment consisting of teams of responsible experts, capable of capturing, sharing and reusing knowledge effectively
  • Aligned and integrated processes after mergers or acquisitions capturing synergies
  • Optimal footprints for Global R&D organizations

Our approach

Our tailored improvement programs help you bring new products to market faster, at lower cost and with better quality. As the ideal partner to help streamline your innovation processes, we offer extensive knowledge, experience and hands-on support. A complete improvement project ensures your innovation processes are effective, efficient and right for your business. Projects start with a diagnostic based on proven methodologies. We then create a tailored improvement plan with you based on best practices. The plan includes improvement actions ordered by relevance, with indications of the necessary effort and potential gains. We also provide hands-on support in managing and implementing your plan – ensuring quick wins, deployment, change management, all the way to overseeing updates to your quality system. Furthermore, we ensure your organization has a solid basis for continuous improvement.

This proven service has helped many companies, both regional and global, in areas as varied as healthcare, lighting, consumer durables, semiconductors and other industries. Issues range from long time-to-market and cost overruns, to misaligned tooling or working methods.

What our partners value

“I am very happy with the proactivity of the consultant, the tools used and the pull for follow up.”

Peter Goritschnig
Product Management Global CFLi
Philips - Business Consumer Lamps

The consultants from Industry consulting thoroughly analyzed the Front End Innovation part of the project. They demonstrated a great understanding of innovation processes. They pointed out to us the main reason why the results of this project were not used in the downstream development project.

Ben Knapen
R&D manager Office, Industry & Healthcare
Philips Professional Lighting Solutions Europe

“Without Industry Consulting it would not have happened”

Frank van de Scheur
Division Head, MEMS & Micro Devices, Innovation Services

“The Philips Engineering Solutions consultant who worked with us, quickly familiarized herself with the business opportunity at hand and worked effectively with multiple stakeholders across our organization to deliver the desired outcomes.”

Luc Lenaerts
Senior Director Sustainability
Philips Healthcare

“The consultant took me and the team from merely knowing about Design for Six Sigma (DfSS) to actually implementing it in a project. I loved the ‘hands-on, working with the team’ approach. This brings real value to the team and project. As a result of putting the Voice of the Customer first, we teamed up with our marketing colleagues and organized a joint R&D/Marketing workshop. This helped us demystify customer needs before we began discussing specs.”

Simon Kuppens
System Architect
LED Platform, Philips Lighting

“We have experienced the Supplier Innovation Day as an ideal platform to interact with our suppliers in an Open Innovation setting. Industry consulting acted as an integral partner in managing and moderating the ideation processes during this event; not did we only succeed in getting the right deliverables, we performed this together with Industry consulting as a team.”

Ian Rendle
Manager Innovation Sourcing
Philips Supply

In improving our Innovation management process, several Industry consulting consultants have been part of the core team. Their contribution was on program management, content and change management was instrumental in obtaining the results. The team was always prepared to go the extra mile, where needed.

Peter van der Heide
Lead BPO I2M, I2M Excellence

“An urgent assignment to implement progress reporting of projects, based on certain KPIs, was kick started. Philips Engineering Solutions supported consistently with persistence and timely support, even at odd hours, to make it happen.”

Peter van der Heide
Global Business Process Owner Innovation to Market
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We support your strive for business excellence and growth. We develop and optimize your innovation & operational processes. In all this, customer orientation, quality and speed are our focus.

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