Road mapping, Architectures, Portfolio & competence management

Your benefit

Translate your business and innovation strategy into actionable innovation steps in a roadmap, making the right innovation choices to reach your strategic goals, based on re-usable architectures and effective portfolio management, while building your future innovation competences.

Our approach

By making smarter choices you can move from having individual ideas to producing a continuous stream of profitable innovations. You can reduce cost and time-to-market by developing product / system architectures that can be re-used to address a range of market segments. Also, our consultants work with you to guarantee robustness and maximize the value of your innovation portfolio and ensure you are building the right competences for the future.

Innovation road mapping

We help you set-up, design and implement robust, future-proof innovation road maps covering all the critical steps from translating your business strategy to the right projects to increase competiveness. Our approach and methodologies are tailored to your own industry, innovation processes and type of technologies.

Creating strategic architectures

We help you translate your innovation roadmap into sound product architectures and platforms that form the basis of your current and future product ranges. This comprehensive process covers: capturing requirements, system integration and verification, commonality, re-use, modularity, keeping strategic options open and much more. The resulting architectures enable you to develop high quality, customer friendly, next generation products faster and at lower cost.

Portfolio management

We help you make the right choices on which innovation projects to pursue to realize your business growth ambitions. Our well-proven process aligns your innovation project portfolio with your strategy, maximizes the portfolio value, balances the portfolio in terms of e.g. time and risk, and matches resource demand with resource availability.

Competence management

We provide a snapshot of your core competences – both technical and ‘soft’ skills such as communication and networking. Then we benchmark these against your ambitions and roadmap to highlight your strengths and weaknesses. This helps you establish long-term competence management plans aligned with your innovation strategy, and to identify areas you can strengthen through acquisitions, partnerships or training.

We help you deliver

  • Business strategy translated into actionable innovation steps
  • Linked short, medium and long-term pipe-line of innovation over time
  • Full benefits of architectures: develop once, use many times over segments and product generations
  • Portfolio of projects that support your strategy
  • Maximum value of the portfolio in terms of your company objectives (e.g. profitability, ROI in the short, medium and long term)
  • Right balance between new and existing products, risk and reward, between the resources available and the projected outcomes
  • Clear and feasible competence building plan

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What our partners value

“Without Industry Consulting it would not have happened”

Frank van de Scheur
Division Head, MEMS & Micro Devices, Innovation Services

“The Industry consulting group delivered significant value for our business.  They took a tight timeline, with limited opportunity to prepare, and delivered an effective workshop ensuring broad team engagement.”

Kevin Tahmoush
VP Strategy & Business Development
Philips Professional Services

“The industry consulting service of Philips Engineering Solutions has, again, proven to be able to deliver very professional service with excellent results on a very short timescale.”

Dietrich Bertram
General Manager
Global Business Unit OLED Lighting

“Philips Engineering Solutions has inspired us to introduce the Mass Customisation approach in our product development. Paul Hissel, Senior Consultant Innovation Management, helped us tremendously to implement this approach and define a new product architecture. Our goal was to offer more client specific solutions without the increasing engineering costs that normally comes with it. We have succeeded in our goals with the development of a new product family that exceeds the expectations of our customers: The Speedlane Lifeline series.”

Daan van Beusekom
Product Manager
Royal Boon Edam International BV

“The wargame we did was a very helpful exercise to help us shape our minds clearly in what directions to proceed with our strategy. This is one of these instances where a management team has to invest the time and really put in the preparation to make it work well and the support by Engineering Solutions proved to be value adding.”

Dietrich Bertram
General Manager
OLED Lighting

“Thanks to the insights generated with the approach and methodology we made a big step in understanding our business and the way to make it even more profitable than today. I am very pleased to associate Industry Consulting with this great achievement. Thank you for your continuous and efficient support.”

Marc-Olivier Flaissier
Global Platform Program Manager Outdoor
Philips Lighting France

“During an intensive change process, the consultants of Philips Engineering Solutions – Industry consulting guided us in the improvement of our innovation system. They assisted us with every relevant aspect to set our innovation strategy, to improve our innovation portfolio and to objectively evaluate running and finished projects. They assisted us with in-depth knowledge and a practical approach, tailored for our company. This was not limited to a theoretical advise, but it included the on-the-job implementation.”

Ir. Rick Lotman
Manager Research & Development

We support your strive for business excellence and growth. We develop and optimize your innovation & operational processes. In all this, customer orientation, quality and speed are our focus.

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