Portfolio & Competence management, Road mapping

Your benefit

Translate your business and innovation strategy into actionable innovation steps in a roadmap, making the right innovation choices to reach your strategic goals using effective portfolio management approach, while building your future innovation competences.


Our approach

By making smarter choices you can move from having individual ideas to producing a continuous stream of profitable innovations. Our consultants work with you to guarantee robustness and maximize the value of your innovation portfolio and ensure you are building the right competences for the future.


Portfolio management

We help you make the right choices on which innovation projects to pursue to realize your business growth ambitions. Our well-proven approach aligns your innovation project portfolio with your strategy, maximizes the portfolio value, balances the portfolio in terms of e.g., time and risk, and matches resource demand with resource availability.

Through our proven innovation portfolio management approach, we help you establish, develop, and improve your innovation portfolio management framework, allowing you to prioritize and execute strategic projects that will deliver tangible, sustainable benefits.

We offer you a well-calibrated solution to fit your organizational needs, aligning your goals and resources with our recommended structure, tools, and processes.


Competence management

We provide a snapshot of your core competences – both technical and ‘soft’ skills such as communication and networking. Then we benchmark these against your ambitions and roadmap to highlight your strengths and weaknesses. This helps you establish long-term competence management plan aligned with your innovation strategy and to identify areas you can strengthen through acquisitions, partnerships, or training.


Innovation road mapping

We help you set-up, design and implement robust, future-proof innovation road maps covering all the critical steps from translating your business strategy to the right projects to increase competitiveness. Our approach and methodologies are tailored to your own industry, innovation processes and type of technologies.


We help you deliver

  • Business strategy translated into actionable innovation steps
  • Linked short, medium, and long-term pipe-line of innovation over time
  • Portfolio of projects that support your strategy
  • Maximum value of the portfolio in terms of your company objectives (e.g., profitability, ROI in the short, medium, and long term)
  • Right balance between new and existing products, risk and reward, between the resources available and the projected outcomes
  • Clear and feasible competence building plan

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