Innovation for growth

Your benefit

Creating profitable business growth by building new businesses, breakthrough innovations, or by creating new business models and value networks through customer-driven value propositions backed up by solid business cases.

We help you deliver

  • New growth areas and businesses
  • A stream of winning innovations based on customer-driven new value propositions, new business models or value networks
  • Superior data-enabled digital propositions validated with customers and with sound business cases
  • New innovation competences to your team such as Lean Start-Up and use ideation tools like TRIZ
  • Intellectual Property (IP), so your innovations are protected
  • Business cases to support investment decisions & next steps

Our approach

We can help you all the way from identifying new growth areas for your business, to specific value proposition development and successful realization. We do so with knowledge, experience and hands-on project support using methods like Rapid Co-creation and Lean Start-up. We help you develop new businesses, new products, new services and new data-enabled digital propositions leading straight to business success and new growth.

Ideation and Breakthrough Innovation

Our expertise in opportunity identification, creative techniques and well tested processes help you create new growth opportunities at business level. But also on product and technical level we can help you through approaches like TRIZ to solve tough engineering problems or address IP issues.

The process starts by defining crystal clear goals based on the strategy and determining shared criteria for making choices. Only then are issues and opportunities identified, and ideas developed in a diverging / converging process with enrichment and concept creation stages.

End User Driven Innovation and Value Proposition Creation

Our proven End User Driven Innovation methodologies and expertise help you create exciting new products that meet – and exceed – your customers’ expectations, providing growth for the company. We help you find insights from customers and users, and from suppliers and technologies. We also help you translate the insights and test the results into every step of your product development process. Our involvement covers insight gathering at lead customers, technology scouting for opportunities, developing a ‘Wall of Insights’ as a source for idea generation together with customers. We also add state-of-the-art ideation techniques and fast-cycle feedback loops to hone the product to success. We can help you all the way from concept to successful realization with knowledge, experience and hands-on project support.

Digital Innovation and ‘Big Data’

Our approach for digital innovation is based on Lean Startup – fast iterative learning by validation, in multidisciplinary teams and being highly data driven. It explicitly addresses one of the key challenges that opportunities in Digital Innovation and ‘Big Data’ present: how to create value for customers & generate new revenue streams? We facilitate the process and contribute in the team with emphasis on process, business aspects, business modelling and business cases. Our accelerator approach creates digital propositions by rapid co-creation with users & stakeholders, driving the speed of team learning. This results in superior digital propositions validated with customers to enable sound decisions on investments and initial go to market.

In the spotlight

Idea to Market training

Our colleagues Aly Syed and Roel Berkhout delivered a 4-day idea to market training for a motivated group of entrepreneurs and university students in Nairobi. The training focussed on understanding the real customer needs, translate them into a winning business model and design a product that delivers value against a realistic price.

The incredible passion among the group to bring new (medical) devices to the African market.

Many thanks to Kenya Ministry of Health, Kenyata National Hospital, Unicef, Concern, Gearbox, University of Nairobi Makerspace and Philips Foundation for driving this initiative

Kenya I2M training 2019

What our partners value

“The training was professionally executed and the participants are privileged to have learned very many enriching concepts filled with real-life examples that will certainly change the way they look at business and health in the future.”

Dr. Edwin Mbugua
Health and Nutrition Coordinator
Concern Worldwide

“Professional approach and good teamwork between the specialists of both teams. The idea & concept generation process was supported by a team of enthusiastic specialists that focused on searching for new ideas. This direct approach resulted in a few interesting possibilities for innovation.”

Christ van den Hoven
General Manager
Andritz Feed & Biofuel BV

“Especially the support in business model innovation yielded plausible business model options that we use to define our go-to-market strategy. It highlighted our strengths but also pointed out what we need to make this new business a success in China and globally.”

Georgio Mosis
Principal scientist
Philips Healthcare, China

“In a very initial phase of the project Philips Engineering Solutions – Industry consulting delivered a high quality and convincing business track (business modelling and business case) by applying their pragmatic, structured approach.”

Hanneke Hoogewerf
Consumer Marketing Manager Digital - Air

“Industry consulting helped us see the possibilities in the minefield of patents regarding cups. Through systematic analysis we found new, patentable, solutions.”

Remco Woen, MSc.
Integral Project Leader
Philips Consumer Lifestyle, Mother & Child Care

“The tools and methodologies that Industry consulting brought to the table in this project were extremely helpful in helping us shape our value proposition and business model. The team helped us formulate hypotheses about our proposition and planned market approach, and also to test them with relevant stakeholders through qualitative interviews. We were able to quickly create an effective cross-functional working group, distributing responsibilities among members so as to produce results relatively fast. Thank you very much!”

Senior Product Manager

“Straight deep dive into content based analysis, eager to get results and professional attitude – highly recommended!”

Ruud Roelofsen
Field Marketeer, Digital Pathology Global Marketing & Sales Support

“During an intensive change process, the consultants of Philips Engineering Solutions – Industry consulting guided us in the improvement of our innovation system. They assisted us with every relevant aspect to set our innovation strategy, to improve our innovation portfolio and to objectively evaluate running and finished projects. They assisted us with in-depth knowledge and a practical approach, tailored for our company. This was not limited to a theoretical advise, but it included the on-the-job implementation.”

Ir. Rick Lotman
Manager Research & Development

“The team effectively employed excellent methodological frameworks to address our business questions, had great access to data, were resourceful, extremely open-minded and creative. They learned about our business needs very quickly and it was clear from the get-go that they are going all-out to help us achieve the answers we needed.  It was a pleasure to work together and I look forward to our next join work!”

Tamar Schirman
Director of Oncology Informatics Marketing, Marketing ICAP

“I like the flexibility Philips Engineering Solutions. This was quite a fussy project with an ongoing changing scope. Which required a constant pivoting of plans. But the consultants could very well think along in what were valuable business deliverables at this stage in the project.”

Hanneke Hoogewerf
Strategic designer

“I worked with the Philips Engineering Solutions team during the Breakthrough Acceleration Program, and subsequent pre-seed venture stage. The Philips Engineering Solutions consultants were an integral part of the team, and with their business acumen and in-depth domain knowledge invaluable team members. I would like to highlight their professional communication style and impeccable diligence, which made interactions as pleasant as enriching.”

Carsten Schirra
Research and Development Director
Philips Research Americas

“The work that Philips Engineering Solutions has done with us to get our new device ready for development is now complete. I cannot overemphasize what a positive experience this has been. The innovation services team is amazing and has skillfully turned around what in retrospect was a very flimsy project into something that now has a good chance of success.”

Medical Director
Academic Hospital, UK

Smart, cloud-connected products are not only changing how the world works, but the way business works too. Traditional, product-focused business propositions are slowly becoming less dominant.

Based on a technology opportunity scan, a leading automotive supplier had identified four areas of opportunities and go-to-market strategies.
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