Digital manufacturing



All initiatives worldwide are driven by the essential requirements that manufacturing industries must meet:

Reducing time-to-market
Due to faster changing customer demands, manufacturers have to launch products faster despite rising product complexity. The fast one beats the rest.

Enhancing flexibility
Customers want individualized products without paying a higher price. As a consequence, production has to be more flexible than ever before.

Increasing quality
Customers and society are demanding higher quality and product reliability. To ensure high product quality and to fulfill legal requirements and regulations, companies have to install closed-loop quality processes.

Increasing efficiency
Today, it is not only the product that needs to be sustainable and environmentally friendly – energy efficiency in manufacturing and production becomes a competitive advantage, too.

Customers expect reliable partners and therefore it is utmost important to deliver on time, first time right.



Today new technologies are easily accessible to improve your business. To name a few: Artificial Intelligence, scalable compute power, low-cost data storage, sensors, Data Analytics, etc. As a result of technological innovations our way of working is disruptively changed within manufacturing. Successful adoption of these new technologies is needed to stay ahead of competition and fulfil the essential requirements.



In cooperation with our customers, we define goals aligned with their digital transformation strategy and develop an action plan. With a ‘value-add’ approach we focus on the activities that increase operational excellence and align these with the organization and processes. With this holistic approach our effort is sustainable and complete.



Philips Engineering Solutions can work with you to ensure you stay competitive.

Together we will define and describe in detail the essential requirements for your business. We will look at the whole value stream and beyond to make sure all remaining activities are in line with your and overall digital transformation strategy.

Together we will explore, identify, and describe potential business cases.

Using our well-defined approach, we select together the most valuable business cases for your business based on the set of predefined criteria.

Using these selected business cases, the roadmap is described in such extent that the implementation phase could start in a pragmatic way.

These results will transform your organization into a more competitive business by using the latest digital solutions in your manufacturing environment and will:

  • Reduce costs
  • Improve quality
  • Improve track and trace
  • Reduce lead time
  • Reduce waste
  • Improve reliability

Boosting your company’s agility, flexibility and innovativeness by Industry 4.0

The future is smart! Manufacturing supply chains are confronted with ever more demanding customers, disruptive innovation and increased competitive pressure. Leveraging Industry 4.0 can help your company to outsmart others, but you need to pick your battles!

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