Supply chain management

Your benefit

To face the challenges in an increasingly dynamic and competitive business environment, it is vital to continuously assess, improve and innovate your supply chain and strengthen your supply chain capabilities. We help our clients to design, optimize & implement best-in-class and winning supply chains. Whether you are setting up a new supply chain or optimizing an existing one, we put you in control. Your agile supply chain will fully support your strategic ambitions – now and in the future.


We deliver

  • Through our Supply Chain modeling and analytics capabilities, we enable fact-based decision making around your supply chain strategy and network (footprint) design that will drive speed, agility and efficiency
  • An improved sales, inventory and operations planning process to ensure continuity of supply in line with your customer demand and optimized stock levels with minimal obsolescence risk
  • Operations and Supply Chain excellence by improved Source, Make, Store, Deliver, Return and Re-use processes to meet your Quality, Cost, Delivery and Circular performance targets
  • The right in- or out-sourcing decisions and the right supplier selection at the right cost to support your business needs
  • Transferred and ramped-up operations whilst maintaining ongoing business for your customers
    Digital & analytical solutions creating insights in your Supply Chain performance and risks to effectively control and manage your Supply Chain
  • Visibility on expected Supply Chain costs and performance early in the NPI/development process enabling quantified comparison and decision-making between alternatives optimizing diversity, product architecture, in-/outsourcing and so on.


Our approach

We take ownership and team-up with you to identify, co-create, validate, and implement innovative Supply Chain solutions leveraging digital and new technologies and make it stick in the organization.

We understand and apply innovations, leveraging proven methodologies and best practices.

Our team of both seasoned, experienced, and young professionals combines domain expertise with a pragmatic, hands-on and implementation focused approach.

We can support in multiple roles: program-/project & implementation manager, expert consultancy, interim management.


Our services

Supply chain strategy & design

How to make your business strategy work?

We help you to design, create and implement an optimized Supply Chain that meets your market requirements. We do this by clarifying the implications of your business strategy; assessing and benchmarking your existing supply chain, looking at performance and costs; developing footprint scenarios based on in- and external factors including sourcing models; developing the SCM end-to-end processes and control models to achieve market requirements; determining the required metrics to control and get visibility on your supply chain.

Supply chain planning & control (S&OP)

How to make sales & operations planning work?

We help you to balance supply and demand to optimally fulfill customer orders by (Re-)designing your S&OP process; improving your forecast accuracy; improving your supply planning; improving the planning process of phase in and phase out products; analyzing and improving your inventory management process (ABC analysis, non and slow moving).

Supply chain optimization booster

How and where to optimize our supply chain?

We help you to define and implement your supply chain improvement roadmap, based on a solid as-is assessment of your supply chain. Main deliverables: a complete description of as-is processes including a list of current ‘handicaps’ and ongoing / planned improvement activities. Selected focus areas for improvement; SC roadmap with clear indication of midterm and long-term improvement initiatives and impact on quality, cost, delivery and circular targets.

Supply chain cost modeling

How to design your optimal supply chain using supply chain cost modeling?

Supply chain cost modeling supports the decision process by generating a financial communication model for the design and optimization of products, production systems and supply chains. We provide you with clear transparent cost structure, insights in main cost drivers and sensitivities. We provide you with underpinning recommendations to maximize profit while increasing supply chain performance. Our approach enables alignment of plans across the organization.

Design for supply chain

How to design my products to reduce complexity and avoid potential Plan, Source, Make, Store, Deliver, Return and Re-use issues?

We help you to make Supply Chain costs and performance visible early in the NPI/development process enabling fact-based design- and business decisions while involving R&D, engineering, operations, supply chain and (product) marketing. The structured approach allows quantified comparison between alternatives optimizing diversity, product architecture and so on.


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Marc Schipper
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