Behavior Based Safety program (BBS)

Your company has a mature EHS management system. All machines are guarded, exposure to chemicals and radiation is assessed and controlled. In addition, your EHS management system is organized according to, for example, OHSAS 18001 / ISO 45001 certifications. The major cause of incidents are behavior based. We can help you take the next step to reach the EHS goals of your company through our Behavior Based Safety Program that will help you live up to your Health and Safety mission statements.

Our behavior based safety program has proven to be successful. A unique aspect of the BBS program is that it has been integrated with LEAN methodologies. Our BBS program will improve the safety and health performance, and the operational and quality performance of your company.

Philips Engineering Solutions is your partner in setting up your company-specific, behavior based safety program. This program will help improve the intrinsic motivation for healthy and safe work across all layers of your company.

A focus upon health and safety is also important to excel in operation, quality and production. Excellence in safety and health requires a focus on not only technical and procedural solutions but also behavior. In the end, most incidents are caused by the behavior of employees. To comply, and work safely, it is crucial to know why employees are doing the things they do. The most essential part is to talk to your employees, and discuss safety issues in a respectful way.

Your benefit

The behavior based safety program helps you improve the pro-activity to address and solve EHS (and operational / quality) issues. The behavior based safety program is unique because it strengthens employee and management awareness at the same time, enabling an extra acceleration in improving EHS performance indicators.

  • Customized approach for your company
  • Reduction of incident probability
  • Positive spin-off for behavior in general and business results (productivity)
  • Cost reduction
  • Positive atmosphere

We deliver 

We deliver a program which will accelerate your EHS performance through the joint effort of the management team and employees. Observations in pairs by a management representative and an employee will significantly increase the awareness and intrinsic motivation.

By defining good behavior and conducting observations in the right way we will help you achieve your goals and increase the safety leadership of the management in your company.

Our approach 

The program is based upon four key factors that influence behavior. To reach the right behavior it is essential to focus on employee satisfaction, safety satisfaction, employee engagement and management engagement.  These key factors have been incorporated in the program, focusing on employee and management engagement.

The Behavior Based program consist of 5 steps:

  • The first two steps comprise getting to know the company or site. During these two steps the maturity of your EHS management will be assessed and we will get more insight into the employee and safety satisfaction of your company. Based upon the outcome we will decide whether the site is ready to deploy a behavior based program;
  • The third step is a management workshop in which the management team will generate a mission/vision statement. This is the first step towards increasing the management awareness;
  • The fourth step is training the observers to perform a safety conversation. The group of observers consists of the whole management team, including team leads and a selected group of employees. The observers learn how to have a safety conversation with the observed employees. The observation will be done in pairs, a combination of a manager and an employee;
  • The last step is coaching in which the observers are helped to ask the right questions and improve their observation skills.

The program is suitable to be fitted into an ongoing LEAN program or can be executed as a stand-alone program. The benefits of our interventions will help your company to excel.

Behavior based safety consultancy in the spotlight

In a typical English landscape, in Glemsford, the Philips Avent feeding bottle manufacturing site is situated.

In this article, we provide a first glimpse of the approach it takes in developing a BBS program.

When we first started introducing safety programs, we saw a significantly lower number of incidents and accidents in the workplace …
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