Philips Engineering Solutions and partners kicked off new European project on open technology platforms

In a two-day workshop with almost 150 participants online, the new Ecsel-JU project Moore4Medical was kicked-off successfully. Together with Philips Research, Philips Engineering Solutions is coordinating this large project with 66 selected companies, universities and institutes from 12 countries all over Europe. The project will run for three years and has the objective to accelerate innovation in electronic medical devices.

Bridging ‘the Valley of Death

Within Moore4Medical the partners will develop open technology platforms in emerging medical domains with the aim to make these technologies available for multiple users and multiple applications in order to help them bridge ‘the Valley of Death’ in shorter time and at lower cost. This platform approach, that is common in the Electronic Components and Systems (ECS) industry, combined with typical MedTech and Pharma applications will enhance the competitiveness in the emerging domains addressed. Avoiding point solutions and focusing on the sharing of technology will allow faster development of new applications and therefore also generate the volumes to support continuous innovation.

Moore4Medical addresses emerging medical applications and technologies that offer significant new opportunities for the ECS industry including:

  • bioelectronic medicines
  • organ-on-chip
  • drug adherence monitoring
  • smart ultrasound
  • radiation free interventions
  • continuous monitoring

BioMEMS and MEMS Ultrasound

The MEMS and Micro Devices department of Philips Engineering Solutions will be supporting many of these areas by providing the route to industrialization in BioMEMS and MEMS Ultrasound manufacturing technologies.

The new technologies that will be developed within the project will not only create an attractive proposition for technology providers in Europe, but more importantly will help fighting the increasing cost of healthcare by reducing the need for hospitalization, helping to develop personalized therapies, and realizing intelligent point-of-care diagnostic tools.

For more information visit the website of Moore4Medical.


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