Maximizing value creation through a new approach to industrialization


The business climate for manufacturing companies is ever more challenging. Navigating shortages in the supply chain and the labor market call for product designs and manufacturing processes that are flexible in dealing with product and volume variations. Digital technologies need to be incorporated into the product and manufacturing strategies. Shortened product life-cycles require re-usable manufacturing equipment, to keep capital expenditure within acceptable limits. Sustainability objectives raise the bar on footprint reduction and circularity of products and components. Finally we see an almost complete servitization of the business environment.

These challenges require an absolute excellence in the end-to-end industrialization process. Philips has a long legacy in the traditional approach to product industrialization, which is optimizing and scaling product designs to enormous production volumes on dedicated manufacturing equipment and sites. The contemporary approach is that industrialization is an end-to-end process, that starts already in the concept development phase of a product. Through Philips Engineering Solutions you will have access to expertise on all areas of the end-to-end industrialization process.

Bas Klaver, Tabe Aardema and Ram Yosef are experts in supply chain management and operations at Philips Engineering Solutions. During a recent webinar they shared valuable insights and learnings on industrialization.

During this webinar, our consultants shared their expertise on:

  • details on each of the phases of the industrialization process
  • organizational aspects for successful end-to-end industrialization
  • three specific key success factors for industrialization
  • industrialization best practices and examples

Watch the webinar about industrialization and its pivotal role in today’s business

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Bas Klaver
Business Development
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