Do you have an idea that can change the world?

You are new in venturing and eager to take your idea to the next stage. You’re challenged to create the first business plan defining: the product, the market, the qualities of your team versus the challenge ahead, the envisioned business model and the investment required.

We have the experts and experience in designing, developing and delivering innovations for startup ventures, and we are here to help you with the de-risking and validation of your startup plan:

  • Business case creation and market analysis
  • Calculate the cost price of your innovation
  • Develop your value proposition
  • First prototyping and proof of concept
  • Technology validation

Are you ready to take your idea to market?

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We offer the experience and key experts to make your innovation a success at every stage

Based on the phase that your venture is in, we can support you with complementary expertise in business design, technology and supply. All along your journey to the market.

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De-risking your startup
Quick scans on business design, technology and supply

In the first phases, your focus is on de-risking your startup. Your value proposition needs to be defined and a high level business plan is needed to convince your stakeholders of the validity of your plan. Next, you want to test whether potential customers are willing to pay for your innovation.

Based on your risk profile we can support your venture in reducing the technology risks and designing the supply chain. We have four quick scans to help you with risk mapping and uncertainty reduction.


Market analysis leveraging publicly and other available sources, to get a fresh timely outside reflection on the local and global market opportunity, challenges, key players and your venture profile.

Business & financial modeling workshop with hands-on follow-up support to build and enhance the market model and the financial business case for your startup, identify core assumptions to make your business work and prepare for investors.

Technology risk workshop, in which the current product offering is assessed, to identify the potential product & manufacturing process related risks. Including a bottom-up product cost analysis.

Supply base and partner analysis, setting up supplier profiles and identifying current supply risks and scalability issues along the whole supply chain.

How to avoid the main pitfalls

Based on our years of venture experience, we want to share some knowledge and expertise on the main pitfalls when developing a product, on avoiding hidden issues with quality assurance when bringing your product to market, and on how a poorly managed supply chain can be one of the hidden dangers for the success of a startup.

If you need additional information, or if you would like our expert team to think with you, please let us know.

In the spotlight

Gilbert Technologies and Philips Engineering Solutions team up on medical device development

There may be new hope on the horizon for lung patients with difficult to treat conditions, like fibrotic diseases and severe asthma, thanks to Dutch start-up Gilbert Technologies.

Together with Philips Engineering Solutions, the company is working to turn their proprietary soft mist technology into a first-of-a-kind medical inhaler device, which has the potential to improve treatment effectiveness for patients and reduce medical costs.

Read more ›

Webinar: Design for Quality

Bringing your product to market also means avoiding hidden issues with quality assurance. If you do not design for quality early on, these hidden issues will hunt you later on.

Our Quality & Reliability Consultant Sonja Aarts truly believes that problems are there to be solved and you should not hesitate to come up with solutions by thinking out of the box. Trigger yourself with the design for quality principles – are you already doing the right things?

Watch the webinar and learn how to uncover quality pitfalls that could derail your project (34:16 min).

More about Quality by design

Startup reviews

 “Of course, a small company with competent engineers can make prototypes, but by working with Philips Engineering Solutions, we could create a unit which could easily, quickly and cost-efficiently be transferred to production. The response has been very positive and we almost immediately received the first orders.”



Thomas van Elzakker
Chief Operating Officer

 “High Tech Campus Eindhoven is where the business and facilities are that we need, such as the cleanrooms of Philips Engineering Solutions. Without them, we wouldn’t be where we are now.”

Sjaak Deckers
CEO and Co-Founder
Sapiens Steering Brain Stimulation

 “The joint team of Aquaver and Philips Engineering Solutions had a completely open view onto the possibilities of membrane distillation and stressed the units to its limits again and again. The result was that we jointly have been able to create vast improvements in performance and reliability over the last year.”



Wolfgang Heinzl
Memsys Inventor
Memsys Water Technologies

 “Philips Engineering Solutions was quick in understanding the problems and analyzed the state of the art in the bike industry, followed by promising suggestions regarding our problem.”

Bas d’Herripon
ID Bike

Startup ventures that we supported along their journey to the market

Hein Weijdema, Director Development & Engineering

Simon Morling, Director of Product Engineering

Biju Kumar, Hardware Architect Hue Wireless & Smart Lighting

Ingvar Aberg, Director Cell Engineering & Applications

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Gerjan van de Walle Account Manager Philips Ventures

Gerjan van de Walle
Program Manager Ventures

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