Technical support and technology consultants at High Tech Campus Eindhoven

Is a tough technical challenge slowing your project down? Do you need an out-of-thebox solution using TRIZ problem solving? Or maybe you need to get to the root of a tough quality problem? Or do you lack Six Sigma competence in your team, now?

Philips Innovations Services at the High Tech Campus Eindhoven offers specific (onsite) technical support in all of our key areas of expertise, covering electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, reliability engineering, etc. You’re not just hiring an expert, but the accessing the know-how, expertise, methods and tools of our total organization. And with 40 years of experience and our 1,000 highly skilled professionals, chances are that we have already solved a similar problem. A few hours tech support from one of our technologists can make a world of difference.

Check out our key areas of expertise:

Other nearby and quick services at the HTCE

Laser job shop prototyping services

Full range of high-end laser jobs such as: cutting, machining, welding, engraving, and patterning of a wide range of materials.


Full range of measuring instrument rental and support services in electronic instrumentation and photonic equipment.


Production facilities for electronics and mechanical products, including extensive support for product certification.

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