Product prototyping at High Tech Campus Eindhoven

Do you want to turn your technology idea into a fully functional proof-of-concept demonstrator? Do you have a clear view on your product, but the documentation is not yet ready? Or would you rather spend your budget on R&D than on production infrastructure and component stock?

Philips Engineering Solutions at the High Tech Campus Eindhoven provides a full range of production facilities for electronics and mechanical engineering. This includes full printed circuit board production as well as mechanical part manufacturing. And just as importantly, we have forty golden hands to make it work and look good! And don’t forget that we have an easy to reach component grab store. Pop in for a chat so we can match your needs to our proposition.

Product prototyping | Located at HTC 37

Other nearby and quick services at the HTCE

Laser job shop prototyping services

Full range of high-end laser jobs such as: cutting, machining, welding, engraving, and patterning of a wide range of materials.


Full range of measuring instrument rental and support services in electronic instrumentation and photonic equipment.

Technical support & consultancy

A few hours of tech support with an engineer and access the know-how, expertise, methods and tools of our total organization.

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