Laser Precision Prototyping Services at High Tech Campus Eindhoven

Is your product launch endangered by delays or errors in custom made parts? Are you in need of fast design iterations? Do you want your ‘golden sample’ to be modified? Or are you simply looking for a manufacturing shop that can handle hard copy products in metals, ceramics, silicon, glass and polymers?

Philips Engineering Solutions at the High Tech Campus Eindhoven offers high-end precision laser services, including cutting, machining, welding, engraving and patterning of a wide range of materials. State-of-the-art industrial laser systems enable us to make reliable custom made products with micron accuracy. Our flexible team of expert engineers with decades of relevant experience is a guarantee for first-time-right treatment, even in cases where time and product batches are limited.

Come by our job shop production facilities and find out how easy it is to work with us. We are conveniently located at the High Tech Campus Eindhoven (HTC 7) ground floor. Bring your samples, CAD drawings or sketches of what you want us to do, and within days you’ll have a result.



Laser cutting machines in the spotlight

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A full range of production facilities for electronics and mechanical products, including extensive support for product certification.


A full range of measuring instrument rental and support services in electronic instrumentation and photonic equipment areas.

Technical support & consultancy

A few hours of technology support with an engineer and access the know-how, expertise, methods and tools of our total organization.

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