Instrumentation services at High Tech Campus Eindhoven

Do you need a specific set of measuring instruments for each project? Are you looking for a reliable source to have your oscilloscopes calibrated or repaired or your microscope maintained? Or maybe you just need advice on how to use your electrical instrumentation?

Philips Engineering Solutions at the High Tech Campus Eindhoven provides a full range of measuring instrument rental and support services in the fields of electronic instrumentation and photonic equipment. You can benefit from flexible, fast and cost-effective solutions, from incidental to long-term rental.

At the High Tech Campus Eindhoven (HTC37), you have access to our calibration lab that can take care of equipment registration, calibration management, repair handling, microscope maintenance and transport.

Come by and find out how we can help you select equipment and measurement solutions from a range of instruments such as:

  • Spectrum analyzer, network analyzer
  • Semiconductor parameter analyzer, source measure unit, sourcemeter
  • Impedance analyzer, RCL-meter
  • Oscilloscope frequency counter
  • Multimeter, electrometer, DMM
  • Laboratory power supply, electronic load, AC power supply
  • Function generator, pulse generator, arbitrary waveform generator
  • Instrumentation amplifier, attenuator, electronic filter
  • Lab balance, microbalance, analytical balance, weighing balance
  • Fiber optic light source
  • Beamer, LCD projector, digital camcorder, monitor, audio equipment
  • CCD camera, high-speed camera, thermal camera
  • Routine stereo microscope, materials microscope, interference-contrast microscope


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Igolt Ubbens, Group Manager Electronic and Photonic Instrumentation, Philips Innovation Services (left) with Bart Smolders, Dean of the Department of Electrical Engineering (center), Gerrit Kroesen, Dean of the Department of Applied Physics (right), and a selection of the test and measurement equipment donated to the TU/e.

We donated over 100 test equipment pieces to the TU/e for its ongoing role in educating new generations of engineers. Read more ›

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