Philips component database

You are probably experiencing an exploding diversity of components which are hampering an efficient collaboration, risking quality issues, and leading to unrewarded organizational costs to manage this complexity. This unrewarded diversity may lead to costs throughout the whole lifecycle of your product and may lead to costs in various functions of the organization, as development, procurement and manufacturing.

The one Philips component database provides you easy access to all component data; it can handle your preferred component list, the component maturity, compliance and lifecycle status.

Your benefit

The system provides the opportunity to increase the re-use of components in your business, to manage the alternate sources, to manage the quality and compliancy of your components. And through this, provides a cost effective way of managing these components.

We deliver

  • Easy access to all component specifications and attributes
  • Easy access to all business attributes to manage quality, preferences, and compliances
  • Assure easy access to alternate sources and data availability
  • Support various business goals through the configuration of processes and systems

Our approach

  • Our consultants can support you in the analysis of the business needs and key benefits, in order to setup the required processes and system configuration
  • We can support the introduction of the system, the processes- and the roles in your organization, the data migration etc. through our project office
  • Moreover, we can provide you with continuous operational services and deliver the appropriate competences through our SLA agreements

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