PCBA design platform

Are you experiencing problems with the transfer of you PCBA’s to other development sites or to subcontractors? Are you struggling with yields and multiple prototype spins, and with non-compatible design rules or component choices? You may also lack the experience, the competence or the capacity to manage the designs yourself. Or you may not be able to interface the results from your design environment to other involved functions.

The PCBA design platform therefore provides you with a cost effective, well supported and integrated way of designing your PCBA. Design rules, component selection & footprints and layout are fully integrated in this platform.

Your benefit

Easy transfer of your design and collaboration with other design centers and manufacturing sites. Consistent, controlled designs, no costly rework and other CoNQ, and reduced supplier dependency.

We deliver

  • Access to a fully integrated EDA platform within Philips
  • Managed & maintained design rules and libraries
  • A mature platform and competent designers

Our approach

  • Introduction in organization and training of your designers
  • Design support, resources through our service offering

PCBA Design Platform

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