What is very typical of how we work together, is that your primary responsibility is not a limitation to what you can do, but the starting point.

You can do circular production in two different ways: from recycling and for recycling.

Sometimes a medical breakthrough can be achieved by combining existing technologies.

the Metaverse is the upcoming opportunity to increase the value of good data.

An end-to-end, plug-and-play package that can truly offer the fastest way to develop new innovations and bring them to market.

Architectural drivers that are linked to a business model change.

Data monetization can be tricky. Get it right, and you have happy customers and users who are willing to pay for your product.

The impact of Sustainability & Circular Economy on a business proposition’s architecture and business models.

New opportunities with industry 4.0, servitization paradigms and sustainability.


MedPhab Open Call-webinar

Where: Time: 11:30-12:30 CEST
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Dutch congress for Industrial Safety 2020
Where: De Fabrique - Utrecht
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SPIE Photonics West
Where: San Francisco, California USA
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SPIE Advanced Lithography
Where: San Jose, California USA
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International MicroNano Conference
Where: SuperNova Jaarbeurs Utrecht, The Netherlands.
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