Design for Six Sigma and Design for X are fundamental at Philips. Industry Consulting has ample experience with implementing these methods ‘hands-on’ with customers.

As frequent renewal of products, technologies, features and designs are increasingly important to be competitive, System Architecture capabilities are becoming crucial for many companies.

Companies everywhere are becoming more radical in their approach to innovation. Instead of just moving on to each next product, they’re looking at new ideas in existing and related markets.

Printed circuit board, cable and connector and shielding design choices are becoming more complex, due to higher frequencies and shifting legislative requirements.

Increasingly complex ultra-high frequency IC chips demand state-of-the-art RF characterization, and Philips Engineering Solutions offers on wafer device characterization with powerful functionality.

A far more effective use of materials enables greater value creation. This approach revolves around innovation in materials and reuse of components and products.

During a three-day Innovation Drive event, some 300 heads of various innovation programs got together to accelerate innovation.

An integrated set of new approaches has been developed by Industry Consulting to realize a shorter time to market, create higher stakeholder engagement and test ideas and concepts at the earliest possible stage, resulting in higher quality output.

This service allows companies to discover what Corporate Social Responsibility is all about and how to focus on activities which are successful in the long term and in the eyes of stakeholders.


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