Get up-to-date on maglev stages with inverted planar motor technology. Mechatronics experts share knowledge about free-floating movers on a rotary stage.

Value proposition design for business strategy development: translate strategy to tangible offers, explore strategic adjacencies and create learning loops.

Meet our sustainability consultants, working with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) framework, creating ‘triple-P’ value (People, Planet and Profit).

Dutch article – Wij bieden hulp bij het aanvragen van vergunningen, opstellen van het saneringsplan, afvoeren gesaneerd radioactief materiaal en begeleiden van de sanering.

Three major implications for occupational health and safety, according to Elsbeth Vogel-Jaartsveld, EHS manager, due to changed Dutch Working Conditions Act.

Behavior Based Safety for safety awareness. BBS programs help employees make the right decisions and take initiatives that lead to a safer work environment.

Every week Thomas Swaak, Sr. Director Change Management, shares a golden nugget about excellent change management. This is Change Management Hack #15-2017

Curious about change management myths and how to solve them? Have a look at the second article of this three part series!

Curious about change management myths and how to resolve them? Have a look at the first of this three part series!


MedPhab Open Call-webinar

Where: Time: 11:30-12:30 CEST
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Dutch congress for Industrial Safety 2020
Where: De Fabrique - Utrecht
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SPIE Photonics West
Where: San Francisco, California USA
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SPIE Advanced Lithography
Where: San Jose, California USA
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International MicroNano Conference
Where: SuperNova Jaarbeurs Utrecht, The Netherlands.
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