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Turning your brilliant ideas into working innovations is what drives us every day.

We are proud to use our expertise to contribute to your inspired endeavors. By working together, we not only grow business; we truly make lives better.

Because in the end we are all touched by innovation.


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Watch three personal videos 

Making smaller medical devices

Hear Els’ story on how making smaller medical devices enables less invasive medical procedures.

Environmental profit & loss account

Watch Michela tell how she calculates the environmental impact of Philips through a Profit & Loss Account.

Test & verification engineering

See how Martijn’s military medical experience motivates him in ensuring the quality of healthcare equipment.

Get more technical insights 

CMUTs – capacitive micromachined ultrasonic transducers – is a breakthrough ultrasound technology, complementing conventional technology with advantages. We have been working on CMUT technology for over 10 years and we are ready to share our CMUT knowledge with you. Imagine what could be possible with CMUT technology.

Customers increasingly request information on the environmental (or C02) footprint of the products and services they buy. The environmental footprint, calculated with Life Cycle Analysis (LCA), is internationally accepted as the ‘scientific’ standard to measure the environmental performance of products, from cradle-to-grave.

Users of medical products and services depend on product availability, performance and reliability. This requires great attention to the quality assurance activities during the development, manufacturing, and maintenance of these products. Test & Verification Engineering helps to improve the quality and reliability of a product.

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Philips Innovation Services creates the bridge from idea to market for each innovation journey. By bringing together all the required experience, expertise, methods and tools, we get things done. In a reliable, cost-effective way. On time. We continue where others stop.

Find out more about how we make innovation work by capturing the relevant facts & figures.

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