Assembly of high-end PCBA’s

Your benefit

You can focus on the development of your business, knowing you can rely on a highly qualified ISO 13485 certified production environment and a backbone of highly qualified engineers. You will receive products with constant quality and high yield allowing you to realize your true business potential.

We deliver

We manufacture high end PCBA’s according to standard process flows. With our broad range of test and inspection equipment, we tune the flow according to the specific product requirements and guarantee assembly quality. In addition, our in-depth knowledge and infrastructure allows us to deep dive in your specific product requirement to customize processes if really required.

Our approach

Following a phase-gated approach, supported by regular and pro-active communication, we systematically develop the process and device according to your requirements.


  • Manufacturing excellence system
  • Quality systems ISO9001, 13485
  • TPD / DMR product documentation management
  • Supply chain management
  • Inspection and failure analysis: solder paste inspection, 3D automated optical, X-RAY
  • Functional testing
  • Risk management, FMEA
  • Cpk analysis, yield improvement

What our partners value

“For the assembly yield improvement of our high-power laser emitters, the Micro Devices team of Philips Engineering Solutions played an important role in the definition and execution of improvement actions. Based on our analysis of the yield-loss channels, they identified the root causes in the process, defined and executed improvement actions, analyzed these and repeated the cycle (PDCA)”

Armand Pruijmboom
General manager
Philips Photonics Systems

When you need a custom MEMS device for your system, you can rely on our experts. Their expertise is to really understand your requirements, to show feasibility and proof of concept, develop the product and required process in a stage-gated manner and reproduce reliably & controlled.

We have over 30 years of experience in prototyping & assembly in our Micro Devices Facility called ‘Greenhouse’. Therefore, integral coupling with supply chain and manufacturing activities is assured.

Check out our services for Micro Devices:

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