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When you are responsible for the operations of a factory production line or the maintenance of production equipment, you are balancing the cost-quality-time-triangle. Your goal is to minimize cost and to maximize throughput and efficiency. Effective machine maintenance and equipment optimization will improve your machine lifetime and your overall equipment effectiveness.

The Manufacturing Service & Support team offers you maintenance support and manufacturing process & production optimization that will enhance your Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE). We distinct two flavors:

1. Preventive & corrective maintenance 

Corrective & preventive maintenance to keep your manufacturing equipment well-maintained and reliable in the most cost-effective way. Read more ›

2. Overall equipment effectiveness optimization

Improve the operational state, and the production process of your equipment to improve line performance, achieving your clearly defined targets. Read more ›

Do you need to increase the speed of your production line? Or reduce waste and improve the lifetime of spare parts? Then let us enhance your overall equipment effectiveness.

Key area of expertise:

Manufacturing Systems & Industry 4.0

What is Overall Equipment Effectiveness?

OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) is the gold standard for measuring manufacturing productivity. Simply put: it identifies the percentage of manufacturing time that is truly productive. An OEE score of 100% means you manufacture only Good Parts, as fast as possible, with no Stop Time. In the language of OEE that means 100% Quality (only Good Parts), 100% Performance (as fast as possible), and 100% Availability (no Stop Time). Source:

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Improving overall equipment effectiveness in practice

Reducing cost to become more competitive

Philips Lighting wanted to reduce the manufacturing costs of a high-intensity discharge lamp used in indoor shop lighting.

Re-using existing equipment, we redesigned part of the production line with lean manufacturing standards, resulting in a higher processing capability.

With this solution, we increased the speed, consistency and quality of end products. Moreover, the investment costs were earned back within one year. 

We deliver equipment maintenance & optimization

Preventive & corrective maintenance 

When you invested in new equipment, you want to make sure that there is a good after sales process in order to ensure the ongoing reliability of your equipment. That is why we offer preventive & corrective maintenance on your manufacturing equipment.

Productivity optimization of your equipment

When you want to increase the output of your current manufacturing equipment, or reduce operating costs, or improve the lifetime of spare parts; we can help you significantly increase your OEE and productivity by optimizing and upgrading your production equipment.

Maintenance & support and Optimization & upgrade

manufacturing service & support

Our approach to overall equipment effectiveness

Based on your machine maintenance needs – whether we developed (part of) the equipment or when you are looking for a new maintenance partner – we come to a service-level agreement about the maintenance of your manufacturing equipment. A SLA can vary from doing the maintenance support ourselves, to working together with your team or your maintenance department.

For optimization projects, we often start with a machine performance scan. Based on the outcomes, we formulate the next steps to improve the productivity of your equipment, the total production line and the overall equipment effectiveness. With our knowledge on Industry 4.0 and custom manufacturing processes, the result can be surprising. Of course, we take the compatibility of electronic sensors and software systems with existing and new interfaces into account.

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Manufacturing Service & Support in the spotlight

Leveraging Industry 4.0 can help your company to outsmart others, but you need to pick your battles! Which battles to pick?

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You’re developing a new product, but do not have a clear idea how to produce it yet. How can you make sure the product is designed to be manufactured cost-effectively and reliably? And how can you introduce it into your factory? Do you need a customized production line or only a dedicated machine?


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