Customized test equipment for product development and manufacturing

Let’s be honest, no strategy for manufacturing services would be complete without a comprehensive approach to quality assurance. It starts with things like lifetime testing in the product development stage and goes on to inline and, end-of-line testing in the manufacturing phase.

Having a test equipment solution in place helps ensure your products are ‘right first time’ and limits rework time and costs. It’s also an investment in your company’s reputation for producing reliable, high quality end-products.

The way to guaranteed product quality

Even so, the test equipment solution is not the first step in guaranteeing your end product quality. You also need to be sure that the right tests are performed at the right places in your process. At Philips Engineering Solutions we can help you to do exactly that, by providing the initial analysis, defining the requirements for all the necessary testing tools, and finally by developing, building and maintaining the necessary stand-alone and inline customized high-end industrial measurement systems.

Key area of expertise:

Manufacturing Systems & Industry 4.0

The challenge facing manufacturers today

In today’s technologically-driven world, new products are being introduced more frequently and more rapidly than ever before. However, these accelerated development and launch cycles mean that product reliability and yield problems during manufacturing are on the rise. So, choosing the right test equipment solutions is essential, both to identify early failures and to implement a fully, quality-controlled manufacturing environment that includes product quality inspection and lifetime testing.

Building in quality can be supported by a lifetime tester, for example. We use these testers during the product development phase to improve the product design. This allows us to develop a robust design that prevents issues arising during manufacturing and throughout the lifetime of the product.

We deliver the measurement strategy you need

Have you noticed your reject levels going up? Do you have a persistent quality issue that is hard to trace? Would you like to redesign your control points strategy or product quality inspection processes? At Philips Engineering Solutions, we define and realize a test strategy for both your product development and manufacturing processes, incorporating all the necessary high-end, customized industrial measurement systems you will need.

test equipment solutions for product development and manufacturing

Our approach (step 1): We define your test strategy

The first step to achieving a quality-controlled manufacturing process begins in the product development stage. Here, we define the process flow and conduct a process FMEA (Failure Modes and Effects Analysis). This step-by-step approach identifies all the possible failures in a product before it reaches the manufacturing process. From the FMEA we then derive the Control Plan and the Critical To Quality parameters for your manufacturing processes.

Inherent in the definition of a test equipment solution and a lifetime testing and measurement strategy is the need to define the requirements for all the necessary testing tools. We use this same methodology for both the product development and the product manufacturing environments.

Our approach (step 2): We realize your test strategy

Our mission is to help you realize your test strategy with test equipment solutions for both the product development and manufacturing phases. We do this by developing, building and maintaining stand-alone and inline customized high-end industrial measurement systems for product quality testing and process control. We deliver a measurement system to suit your product development and manufacturing needs; one, which supports the implementation of your control points strategy and product quality inspection processes.

Moreover, we develop a design concept for your measurement system and verify it via simulations and feasibility studies. Our measurement experts, software developers, Six Sigma experts and equipment architects work seamlessly together with you to ensure that the final test equipment for product quality testing fulfills the objectives defined earlier.

You’re developing a new product, but do not have a clear idea how to produce it yet. How can you make sure the product is designed to be manufactured cost-effectively and reliably? And how can you introduce it into your factory? Do you need a customized production line or only a dedicated machine? Take advantage of our full capabilities:

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