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How can industrial engineering improve your operations performances?

We believe in industrial engineering. We believe that manufacturing and operations management are the key drivers for sustainable business success.

We support you to better understand and organize your industrial and manufacturing processes based on practical approaches and proven solutions. We make use of the good old PDCA cycle (Plan Do Check Act) which gives a framework for teamwork and continuous improvement. It becomes a cycle of progress that has no end, bringing incremental gains, continuously over time.

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What are the benefits of our way-of-working?

Your entire operation becomes lean, with reduced waste and more efficiency at every step in your process. Your cost of non-quality will be significantly reduced.

Our hands-on-problem-solvers will join your teams on the work floor where implementation happens. You will rapidly see results. We offer sustainable industrial improvements and engineering cost reduction, sustained by a proven PDCA approach.

You do more with less effort and you will always be in control.

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“Without Industry Consulting it would not have happened”

Frank van de Scheur
Division Head, MEMS & Micro Devices, Innovation Services

“Philips Photonics, a leading manufacturer of Vertical Cavity Lasers enjoyed great support from Industry Consultants during a steep ramp of it production. Infusion of know-how by experienced people was a key success factor.”

Joseph Pankert
General Manager
Philips Photonics

“I am very happy with the proactivity of the consultant, the tools used and the pull for follow up.”

Peter Goritschnig
Product Management Global CFLi
Philips - Business Consumer Lamps

“The Industry consulting experts from Philips Engineering Solutions delivered significant value for our business. They took a tight timeline, with limited opportunity to prepare, and delivered an effective workshop ensuring broad team engagement.”

Kevin Tahmoush
VP Strategy & Business Development
Philips Professional Services

“The Philips Engineering Solutions consultant who worked with us, quickly familiarized herself with the business opportunity at hand and worked effectively with multiple stakeholders across our organization to deliver the desired outcomes.”

Luc Lenaerts
Senior Director Sustainability
Philips Healthcare

“The consultant took me and the team from merely knowing about Design for Six Sigma (DfSS) to actually implementing it in a project. I loved the ‘hands-on, working with the team’ approach. This brings real value to the team and project. As a result of putting the Voice of the Customer first, we teamed up with our marketing colleagues and organized a joint R&D/Marketing workshop. This helped us demystify customer needs before we began discussing specs.”

Simon Kuppens
System Architect
LED Platform, Philips Lighting

“The industry consulting service of Philips Engineering Solutions has, again, proven to be able to deliver very professional service with excellent results on a very short timescale.”

Dietrich Bertram
General Manager
Global Business Unit OLED Lighting

“During two major transfer projects, none of our customers ran short on components. The transfers did not disturb their operations in any way.”

Arie Bos
Plant Manager
Philips Lighting Components

Meet our skilled & hands-on experts in industrial engineering

All our consultants are experienced professionals who have spent many years working in industry, tackling the kind of challenges you face every day. They understand your challenges and need for solutions that fit your unique opportunities and constraints. By bringing method and engineering discipline, but always by considering the bigger picture. They bring leading-edge know-how, insights and hands-on experience on the table. Meet us.

henk guitjens
Henk Guitjens
New product development, volume ramp-up, handover from development to manufacturing
albert ponsioen
Albert Ponsioen
Industrial engineering, manufacturing, quality and logistics
kritika maurya
Kritika Maurya
Operational improvement, business analytics, process and data analysis, servitization
Jos Hens, Senior Lean Consultant, Operations Management Industry Consulting, Philips Innovation Services
Jos Hens
Industrial engineering, business process & change management, manufacturing expertise
dennis pelkman
Dennis Pelkman
Operational excellence, industrialization, industrial manager
peter korten
Peter Korten
Project management, equipment & utilities, factory layout

Why industrial engineering makes sense

  • Do you want your manufacturing and engineering teams to deliver better operational results, optimize development productivity, or improve the ergonomics or layout of your factory?
  • Do you want to see higher yields, lower level of rework, lower rate of products that are dead on arrival, or products that suffer from ‘infant mortality’?
  • Do you want improved throughput, quality and reliability, and lower production costs?
  • Do you want to execute successful product introductions or ramp-ups?

Then you need industrial engineering.

Our team of seasoned professionals believe that manufacturing and operations management are the key drivers for sustainable business success. Executing a production ramp-up or just improve current performances is never easy and require methods and discipline. Sometimes your engineering team needs appropriate trainings (quality, control, lean principles, 5S, ramp-up risk management, statistics) as well.

We believe in offering you tailored solutions based on proven solutions and practical approaches. Your entire operations becomes lean, with reduced waste and inefficiency at every step in your process. You do more with less effort and you will always be in control.

A 2-step method to better results

We solve industrial engineering problems by applying proven methods and tools derived from our experience. Generally our missions are scheduled along two main steps:

Step 1: Investigate & propose plan

In the first phase, we start exploring your technical processes, assess your quality performance, evaluate your data as well as interview your teams. Our main focus is to understand your engineering performances, and link them to your global financial performance in order to set priorities.
Then we start focusing on your major problems. Using deep dive sessions with your team, we discern between competency and organizational issues. The aim is to find common root causes (technical and organizational) that have great impact on your overall performance. Our deep dives into your organization bring measurable and concrete facts on the table.

We share our consolidated findings with you and your teams on the shop floor. We make proposals to solve problems, and new ways of working for quality and reliability improvements in manufacturing.

This phase will take weeks up to months, depending on the size of your organization.

Step 2: Execute plan

in this second phase, which will take months up to quarters, we support you in the execution of the defined plan. Our hands-on problem-solvers will join your teams on the shop-floor where implementation happens. We support you in the execution of the plan, and carefully take the technical improvements as well as the organizational (human) factors into account. During every step we keep our practical mindset.
We start with the implementation of visible achievements within your engineering process. So you will rapidly achieve first time right results, which will increase the enthusiasm of your team and the support for new changes. You will have fast results.

Depending on the complexity of your engineering models, we develop with you a DfX (design for excellence) approach or assist you with mathematical models and design for excellence methodologies.

Our consultants have experienced the same real-world production problems

All our consultants are experienced professionals who have spent many years working in industry, tackling the kind of challenges you face every day. We have a broad experience in many product technologies. We are familiar with industrial challenges and continued productivity pressure. Our people speak your language, they understand your pain and the need for solutions that fit your unique opportunities and constraints.

Because we have seen and solved a huge range of real-world problems, our specialists get to the heart of your issue rapidly. We know the theory, but our approach is strictly hands-on: this results in quick improvements.

We support you to better understand your industrial and manufacturing processes. Our priority is to improve your operations performances. We work on your complex processes as well as on your systems and organization for implementing or reinforcing continuous improvement efforts, sustained by a proven plan, do, check, act approach. We collaborate and work with your teams on the shop floor achieving better performances at lower costs. Our consultants bring methods and engineering discipline, and always consider the bigger picture. They bring leading-edge know-how, insights and experience on your table.

We are Philips Engineering Solutions

As an innovation service provider, we want you to be successful in delivering your innovations to the market, where they can matter to your customers and society as a whole. Our mission is simple: to accelerate your innovation. Inside and outside Philips, from start-up to multinational. Being globally active with almost 1,000 specialized experts and 10,000 m² of high-tech infrastructure, we can accelerate your innovation with development, realization and consultancy.

Industrial engineering is one of the focal areas of Industry consulting, one of the eight key areas of expertise of Philips Engineering Solutions. We have a team of seasoned business and industry professionals. With a hands-on approach and expertise, we create tangible results that last: we are implementation-oriented. Working closely together with your employees, we create an on the job learning setting. This enables your organization to strengthen or develop its own ‘continuous improvement’ culture.

Industrial engineering news archive

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July 5, 2017

Start preparing for tomorrow today and transform your plant to a smart factory. This process easily takes 5 to 10 years, pave the way with an industry 4.0 roadmap.

March 21, 2017

Knowing and applying good old basic industrial engineering principles can still yield significant short term results.

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