We care, because we know

We know how important it is to take care of the well-being of employees. We know all about the relevant rules & regulations and the latest professional insights and developments.

We know the well-being of the employees and the environment is perhaps the most important responsibility of every company. But we also know it’s not their core business or expertise.

That’s why we’re there to help. Because to us, it is our core business. It is what we do for a living. It is where our passion and experience lies; it’s what we care about.


Our drive is to create the best of both worlds. Keeping a human touch, in a world of rules. Seeing after a healthy workforce as the heart of a healthy company. Taking care of a healthy environment.

At Philips Engineering Solutions, we know that this approach is the most efficient, effective and sustainable, simply because it is the most pleasant to everyone involved.

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Why work with us?

  • Excellent customer satisfaction: › 4.5 out of 5
  • One-stop-shop
  • Numerous years of hands-on sustainability, EHS and dangerous goods management experience in the industry
  • 30 certified professionals and services
  • Unique and flexible EHS IT solutions for SDS management and dosimetry
  • The synergy within Philips Engineering Solutions has clustered operational excellence and innovation management for more than two decades

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Partnering with technology leaders and ventures in the high-tech and medical industry to keep our expertise at world-class level

We’ve been doing things the linear way for years. Changing to a circular model makes it a different ball game.

Working with ionizing radiation is safe if you deal with it in a knowledgeable way.
Get acquainted with the basics of working with ionizing radiation, both in the medical sector and in industry.

We are delighted to welcome circular economy consultant Thijs Maartens and Juan Bakker to our team. They share our passion to create a better world for current and future generations

Is complying to a new standard really so tough? Our senior consultant Michiel shares in this post his experiences in helping Philips in Drachten to make a smooth transition.

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