Environmental management support

Are you responsible for your company’s environmental management? Then you are probably dealing with challenges like complying with local environmental legislation, the safe storage of hazardous substances to prevent pollution, and (noise) nuisance to local residents. In addition, you may consider certifying your organization in accordance with ISO 14001.

You can go to Philips Engineering Solutions, Environment, Health & Safety for support and advice on the above. You can also contact us for support with your Dutch environmental permit application or notification of Activities Decree.

Important note: we are specialized in the Dutch environmental law. For information in Dutch please contact Erica Rugebregt directly.

Obtaining or revising an environmental permit?

In recent years, we have assisted various organizations in obtaining or revising their environmental permit.  We have done so successfully because we are a one-stop-shop. Every organization and situation requires a customized approach. With us you are at the right place for getting the proper support with permit management. Based on your situation we help you with:

  • determining the officially to be followed procedure
  • determining the project steps to be completed
  • drawing up the planning with time span of associated activities
  • applying for the environmental permit or making the notification of the Activities Decree

Translating environmental permit requirements into a practical approach

Even after your organization has its environmental permit or the Activities Decree notification (“melding Activiteitenbesluit”), you can ask us for support. We are happy to help you “translate” the sometimes difficult environmental permit requirements and articles from the Activities Decree into a practical interpretation for your organization. We even take care of the full environmental coordination of the organization for a few customers.

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Environmental permit application for multi-tenant sites

In recent years multi-tenant sites like campuses have become very popular. Landlords of these sites want their tenants to settle in quickly, arrange a good business climate as well as offer a safe living environment. Sometimes environmental laws and regulations are difficult to navigate when tenants work in close proximity of each other. This is why we have developed a unique cooperative approach for the application and management of one environmental permit for the entire population.

Philips Engineering Solutions, Environment, Health & Safety can support you in applying for a multi-tenant environmental permit, and its management structure. The management structure is tailor-made and will take shape based on your wishes and requirements and the competent authority. If desired, we can expand the environmental management structure with topics like legionella control, work permit process and setting up an emergency response organization.

Your benefits

Our cooperative approach leads to an efficient, flexible and innovative compliance solution.

  • No hassle with the application and management of environmental permits. The proper arrangements will be made for you
  • One to one communication with site and authorities
  • Settlement and relocation: plug & play
  • Optimized (joint) efforts to reduce environmental impact
  • Extended services to adjacent fields of expertise like emergency response teams and work permits
  • Opportunity for residents to focus on own core business

Case in the spotlight


Cooperatieve Vereniging Milieu, High Tech Campus Eindhoven, Technical University Eindhoven, TU/e Campus, Eindhoven


Typically R&D campuses are subject to a lot of dynamics in residents, activities and real estate which makes compliance with environmental law and legislation difficult. It is inefficient to let residents manage their environmental permits individually as that results in suboptimal solutions, high cost and inflexibility.

Key results

  • One centrally managed environmental permit covering all campus organizations
  • A cooperation that manages the permit on behalf of all participants and monitors compliance
  • A covenant signed by local authorities and the cooperation on how the cooperation monitors the environmental impact and performance of the campus

Business benefit

  • Flexibility: organizations can easily start or expand activities (plug & play) without (long) procedures with local authorities
  • Cost savings through one standardized way of working by dedicated team
  • Better utilization of the total campus environmental allowance
  • One stop shop for all environmental (knowledge) questions
  • Exchange of best practices within the environmental community
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