Philips Home Monitoring


Design an efficient antenna in a body-worn product as part of a system to monitor the position of a person (wanderer) wearing a wrist device.

Key results

We developed new antenna concepts (patents filed) for cellular dual-band, body-worn devices. Furthermore, the antenna design and RF performance were simulated and measured.

Business benefit

Our effort has resulted in a verified and integrated rapid wireless design. Our client was satisfied with our rapid implementation, a well-controlled antenna and well controlled RF characteristics.

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Philips BU PCMS Connected Sensing Venture – We verified the robustness of a Bluetooth (BLE) RF design for patient monitoring sensors against wireless coexistence (Wi-Fi.)

Philips Connected Health Solutions – We verified the robustness of a Bluetooth (BLE) RF design of an ear thermometer against wireless coexistence (Wi-Fi.)

Philips Research & Personal Health Solutions – We designed an efficient integrated antenna in a body worn health watch with a Bluetooth (BLE) wireless connection.

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