Philips BU PCMS Connected Sensing Venture


Verify the robustness of a Bluetooth (BLE) RF design for patient monitoring sensors against wireless coexistence (Wi-Fi) according to the ANSI C 63.27 standard and accepted by the FDA as part of the risk assessment

Key results

  • A test plan has been developed based on relevant expertise
  • Tests have been executed according to ANSI C 63.27
  • A test report has been delivered which can be used as input for the risk assessment required by the FDA

Business benefit

Verifying the robustness of the design enabled the FDA risk assessment of wireless functions to be completed. The fast execution of the tests prevented a delay in market introduction.

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Philips Connected Health Solutions – We verified the robustness of a Bluetooth (BLE) RF design of an ear thermometer against wireless coexistence (Wi-Fi.)

Philips Research & Personal Health Solutions – We designed an efficient integrated antenna in a body worn health watch with a Bluetooth (BLE) wireless connection.

Philips Home Monitoring – We designed an efficient antenna in a body-worn product.

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