What is DfX?

Design for X (DfX) is a program and toolbox for proactively including end-user experience in the product development phase. With Design for X (DfX) the experts from Design for Reliability Solutions – one of the key areas of expertise of Philips Engineering Solutions – offer a way to get excellence up to speed. 

Before market introduction, Philips Engineering Solutions can provide tools, training and implementation support to help customers improve the inclusion of extra functional aspects, such as reliability and sustainability, in product development. The Design for Reliability toolbox is used to prevent loss of control over product quality, to reduce field quality issues, and to ensure that quality improvement is replicated globally by other Philips businesses. It focuses on products and systems that will exceed customers’ expectations in terms of durability and reliability.

Our team of reliability experts helps to define and implement reliability tools and processes based on external and internal Philips best practices, centered around four main steps of DfSS (Design for Six Sigma)

  1. IDENTIFY: quantification of reliability requirements and conditions
  2. DESIGN: prediction of reliability in finished designs
  3. OPTIMIZE: demonstration of reliability on prototypes
  4. VERIFY & VALIDATE: statistical demonstration of realized reliability in manufacturing

Reliability experts can help integrate these reliability tools and processes into the Product Realization Process (PRP), as well as providing appropriate reliability resources and in-depth reliability training for all employees concerned.

In addition, reliability experts can help to: incorporate reliability plans with clear goals and targets in project plans; safeguard reliability budgets, time and resources; and implement a process to balance reliability with cost and planning.

Besides product development, we can also help to incorporate manufacturing and suppliers in reliability planning, as well as organizing reliability audits and monitoring process quality targets related to reliability.

All of this is enabled by a strong Philips reliability competence network which allows best practices to be shared and leveraged, facilitates global learning, and supports product peer reviews.

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