Taking a holistic approach to sustainability

An interdisciplinary approach which covers many topics and areas of expertise can optimally answer questions and fulfill the needs of today’s customer. After all, companies and institutions need to be increasingly flexible and resilient in our rapidly changing world, in which ‘Continuity’ and ‘Sustainability’ are vital, according to Roy Savelkoul, new Senior Consultant Environment and Safety, Philips Engineering Solutions.

“‘Flexibility’ in relation to ‘Continuity’ translates to operational risk management: accident prevention, mitigating risks in new developments as a result of procedural obstacles, due diligence… A broad approach to consultancy with high-level expertise across disciplines allows related risks to be controlled and capitalized. ‘Flexibility’ in relation to ‘Sustainability’ can be expressed in terms of added value through adequate inventorization and analysis, which provide the basis for practical and cost effective solutions. Again, a professional and comprehensive approach is crucial to providing integrated, future-proof solutions.”

Sustainability and Circular Economy expertise

Roy’s background is in Physical Geography, and he specializes in environmental hygiene. This discipline examines all aspects of the environment – soil, water, air – and their relationships in a broad context. “When I was approached by Philips Engineering Solutions, Environment and Safety, I was immediately interested and enthusiastic, as it allowed me to use my knowledge and experience to work and build bridges between the customer and the large number of highly skilled professionals within the team. In addition, I can continue to develop expertise in the field of sustainability and the Circular Economy.”

“The Circular Economy aims to decouple economic growth from the use of natural resources and ecosystems. This ‘restorative’ approach to materials usage means designing products differently, so they can be refurbished and remanufactured. The aim is to ensure nothing at all is wasted and all materials and energy are recouped. This can be done, for example, by replacing business models based on ownership by models based on leasing or hiring products and services.”

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