Sustainability consultants team

The sustainability team of Environment, Health & Safety, one of the key areas of expertise of Philips Engineering Solutions, is the youngest team, both in existence and age. Sustainability is a multi-disciplinary topic that addresses value creation in the broad area of people, planet and profit (triple-P), covered by the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) framework. This diversity is also represented in our team that holds expertise in both content and process skills (project management).

Let’s us introduce our sustainability consultants team from left to right:

  • The team is backed up by Maikel van Niftrik (business development), who has a background in environmental science.
  • Juliette Herin is our LCA (Life-Cycle Assessment) expert, and also supports projects in other topics such as business and human rights.
  • Wout Migchelbrink has a background in business innovation. His main focus areas are circular economy and partnerships for sustainable innovation.
  • Saskia Verbunt is covering the social pillar of sustainability in our team. She has experience in stakeholder management, varying from creating strategic partnerships for SDG implementation to the facilitation of stakeholder dialogues.
  • Michela van Kampen is working in all main service areas of the team: life-cycle assessment & ecodesign, circular economy, corporate social responsibility and stakeholder management.

All of us share a passion for creating win-win-win solutions – for our customers, the environment, and society as a whole – by focusing on profitable and sustainable business strategies and solutions.