SDS management software: Fasim 2.1 release

Eindhoven, Netherlands – We are pleased to announce the release of the SDS and chemicals management software Fasim 2.1 and look forward to sharing some of the exciting new features our Chemicals Management Tool for safety data sheets (SDS) compliance, labels, workplace instruction cards and storage of your production site data, has to offer.

Fasim 2.1 (Forwarding and Safety Information on Materials) is a chemicals management software from which users can retrieve fully validated Safety Data Sheets (SDS) and manage their chemicals efficiently. SDS management software Fasim is provided by the Environment, Health & Safety team of Philips Engineering Solutions.

What’s new in SDS management software Fasim 2.1?

Since our last software update this time last year a lot of new customer-oriented functionalities have been designed and implemented into Fasim 2.1.

New features of the SDS management software Fasim 2.1:

  1. Customized reporting functionalities
  2. Modernized RDS (Register of Dangerous Substances) page
  3. Workplace Instruction Cards which you can tailor to you own needs
  4. Optimized SDS compliance
  5. Stoffenmanager® integration module
  6. Latest news in Chemicals management

The exact details are outlined below.

1. Customized reporting functionalities

Chemicals management tools, in general, face the challenge of providing sufficient support to all levels of an organization. The SDS management software Fasim 2.1 has tackled this challenge and provides a solution that can be customized to meet your needs on every shop floor level. The new reporting functionality enables:

  • Automatic check (color coding) whether your chemicals are listed on the Dutch list of Carcinogenic, Mutagenic and Reproduction toxic substances (SZW list) published by the Dutch Ministry of Social Affairs.
  • Upload your own Classified Substances List (CSL) to check whether your products contain unwanted chemicals in your (to be) purchased products.
  • Export specified data of your Fasim registered chemicals in an MS Excel file.

Fasim SDS management software RDS register of dangerous substances

2. Modernized RDS (Register of Dangerous Substances) page

SDS management software Fasim search screen custom code

The importance of a lean and over-seeable register is especially clear to those who have ever worked with an overloaded product screen. Fasim 2.1 has optimized its Register of Dangerous Substances page to enable users a fast orientation and a lean mode of working. New features in Fasim 2.1 include:

  • The last revision date of the SDS and internal Safety Document (iSD) is listed in Our Products page (see picture above).
  • Possibility to create and structure your organization’s Register of Dangerous Substances (RDS) in up to five sub-levels (e.g. for different sites, productions plants, etc.). Each level is managed by one sub-administrator (see picture above).

3.  Workplace Instruction Cards tailored to your needs

The SDS management software Fasim can provide Workplace Instruction Cards also as MS Word output. This software functionality offers a user-friendly solution to customize production site-specific work instructions.

  • Customize your Workplace Instruction Cards via an export to MS Word.
  • Use your own company-specific product code in Fasim.

4. Optimized SDS compliance

In order to continuously stay up-to-date and SDS compliant we’ve optimized the Fasim software by improving the archiving functionality and SDS storage capacity, facilitating the use of multiple languages, and by adding a functionality that regularly checks the accuracy of old SDS.

  • Latest supplier SDS and eSDS (if available) will be uploaded in Fasim and checked on accuracy every 3 to 5 years.
  • Outdated supplier SDS will be archived for at least 10 years, for US sites they will be stored for 30 years.
  • Supplier SDS available in specific languages.

Product information page Fasim SDS management software

  • Multiple SDS in several languages can be downloaded simultaneously

multilanguage SDS management software Fasim

5. Stoffenmanager® integration module

Stoffenmanager® is an exposure estimation module to prioritize the health risks of hazardous substances and facilitates the selection of appropriate control measures. Fasim can feed Stoffenmanager® with data of your chemicals in use and helps evaluate the exposure to hazardous substances in the workplace (good to know: in the Netherlands, the Labor Inspectorate accepts the use of Stoffenmanager®).

  • Automated link via XML between Fasim and Stoffenmanager® for chemical risk assessments.

6. Latest news on Chemicals management

News items are published regularly on the home page of Fasim to ensure users are up to date.

  • News articles cover the most recent Globally Harmonized System of the Classification and Labelling of Chemicals (GHS), Classification, Labelling and Packaging (CLP) and transport of dangerous goods developments around the world.

Read more about our SDS authoring service, one of our services from the Environment, Health and Safety key area of expertise.

Dangerous Goods and SDS solutions

Contact us about Safety Data Sheet service solutions!

Do you have any questions or even some good feedback? We like to hear it all! The continuous improvement of our SDS management software Fasim is important to us because it is important for you!


Svenja Rupp
Chemical Safety Manager
Philips Engineering Solutions

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