Safety and behavior: think safe, act safe, be safe

Philips started to roll out the successful Behavior Based Safety program from the Philips Avent feeding bottle manufacturing site to all Philips production sites world wide. In cooperation with Environment, Health & Safety, one of Philips Engineering Solutions key areas of expertise, the program has been modified to a generic version for internal and external use. The program is integrated with the lean methodology of Philips.

Employee observations

An important part of the program are the observations. All managers of a production site are coupled with an employee to perform an observation. The manager and the employee observe another employee during work. After the observation, a safety conversation is started with the observed employee. The goal of this conversation is to stimulate the intrinsic motivation of the employee to improve safety behavior and solve issues themselves (or with help from their manager).

Result: more safety awareness

The program motivates employees to take action in case of an unsafe situation and raises the safety awareness. The employees are taking more initiatives to solve safety issues in an earlier stage. At Philips Avent, the number of incidents decreased significantly. As a result of this program, the autonomy of the employees increases.

More about safety and behavior

Environment, Health & Safety is one of Philips Engineering Solutions key areas of expertise. More information on safety and behavior can be found on our Behavior Based Safety consultancy service page.