Radiation protection advisors

The picture shows the radiation protection advisors and the colleagues from the dosimetry service

Meet the team: Radiation Protection advisors

With over 20 years of experience, our competence team on radiation protection has the reputation of being a reliable business partner. The team is led by radiation protection advisor Sandra van den Eeden. In this article Sandra introduces the team, tells about her daily activities as a consultant for Philips Innovation Services, and what drives her.

In the Radiation Protection Group, we have four registered radiation protection experts with various backgrounds that enthusiastically support a wide variety of organizations.

We support some organizations with work floor supervision and operational activities. For other organizations we are involved in policy making, auditing and setting up a management system.

In general: we can help with any question as long as radiation safety is the topic.


Radiation protection advisor
Tanja van Cranenbroek-Habraken

Tanja van Cranenbroek-Habraken started out working in medical imaging departments and enjoyed working in healthcare for about nine years. Later on she focused on radiation safety for the radiology department.

After coordinating radiation safety in the SJG hospital in Weert for a few years she decided to join Philips to broaden her horizon. Tanja has been a part of our team since 2014 and is appreciated by many of our customers as a very reliable radiation protection advisor.


Radiation protection advisor
Daan de Leeuw

Daan de Leeuw has been working at Philips for over 14 years. He began his career in the dangerous goods department where he was responsible for the management of Safety Data Sheets and supporting correct transportation of chemicals.

We were happy to welcome him in the team of radiation protection advisors when it was his time for something new. His focus is now on radiation safety and his knowledge of transportation regulation and SDS’s is often called upon by colleagues.


Radiation protection advisor
Peter Tossaint

Peter Tossaint has a long resume with ample experience as a safety expert. During the ’80s he worked at Hoogovens in IJmuiden where he also specialized in radiation safety and managed the department.

After many years of focusing on auditing, training, and consultancy on general safety, he joined Philips in 2008. Eventually he decided to pick up radiation safety again. Apart from offering support to his former safety colleagues from time to time, he now focusses on radiation safety consultancy.


Our radiation protection services

According to Dutch legislation, every organization using ionizing radiation should have a registered radiation protection expert. For clinics, there is an extra requirement to have a medical physics expert on board.

Unfortunately for some companies and clinics, it is often difficult to fulfill these requirements. Our consultancy team has many years of experience in tackling these challenges. Our experienced radiation protection advisors support industrial companies, hospitals, and clinics with all aspects necessary to be compliant with Dutch legislation.

“We help you to be compliant, while you can focus on your business”

Our certified consultants are equipped with extensive expertise in industry and healthcare and know all about radiation protection.

Our registered radiation protection experts provide dedicated advice and can assist companies acquiring their Nuclear power act (KEW) permit, conduct risk assessments, set up a KEW-file as well as help implement all practical aspects of Dutch radiation protection regulations.

Find out more about Radiation Protection Consultancy, one of our services from the Environment, Health & Safety key area of expertise.