Philips Engineering Solutions helps Philips Hospital Patient Monitoring realizing their ambition

Philips Hospital Patient Monitoring asked the sustainability consultants of Philips Engineering Solutions to help accelerate their shift to a circular economy. A multidisciplinary team of sustainability experts worked in close collaboration with the team and this resulted in a circular economy roadmap. Philips Hospital Patient Monitoring was able to implement this and started different pilot projects that are already running.

“It cannot be over emphasized how big this shift is. We’ve been doing things the linear way for years. Changing to a circular model makes it a different ball game,” says Dominique Pfeiffer, Program Manager for Sustainability in Monitoring Analytics at Philips, who is responsible for the roadmap. “We are now taking ownership for our products for their entire lifecycle, so we are more invested in them. The ideal is to think about everything that goes into our product, and how we can use each component to make a new product. And how we continue providing new features without throwing everything else away.”

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