Introducing the Corporate Social Responsibility Scan

This service allows companies to discover what Corporate Social Responsibility is all about and how to focus on activities which are successful in the long term and in the eyes of stakeholders.

“Many companies, both large and small, have a number of programs in place in the areas of sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). However, they often lack the know-how required to accurately map stakeholder requirements and wishes. Precisely this determines the success of a company in the long run,” explains Nicole Schaffroth, Consultant Environment. “In other cases, they would like to get started, but they are uncertain about how to determine the requirements and responsibilities and where they could best invest their efforts.”

Hands-on advice

“That’s where our new scan comes in. Each company can determine how extensively they want to evaluate their CSR-performance, in various areas. In developing this set of tools, we took a wide range of relevant guidelines and policy documents into account, including ISO 26000, AA1000 Stakeholder Management, GRI-G3 guideline and the Dutch “MVO prestatie-ladder”. As we are part of an industrial company, we provide hands-on services, practical results, and inspiration for new collaborations, projects and opportunities.”

Surpassing requirements

“Our new method is very ‘stakeholder’ driven’ and identifies opportunities market differentiation. We plot our findings using a diagram with ten axes. This shows in which areas a company has set and realized goals that surpass legal requirements and/or meet the expectations of their stakeholders. We’re currently rolling out the new procedure, so any company interested is welcome to get in touch right away!”